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What is the Basement


What the?

Basement Skate is wall to wall skateboards, It's one of the biggest pure hardware skate shops in Australia. If you can't find it here, it would be hard to find it any where.

Is it open to the public?

Yes, we are a real skateshop, not just an online PO Box like some others. So come in and have a chat to the guys about anything and everything skateboarding and generally feel free to hang out at the shop.

Why buy from Basement Skate?

Because we support local manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. We sponsor many local events, national sporting associations, and young Australian riders. We live and breath skateboarding, we immerse ourselves in the community, we volunteer all our spare time to help young skaters, events and boardmakers to get a break. Did I mention we also have a RAD skate shop that provides one of the biggest collections of skateboard gear in the country. When we setup boards we only use quality parts and set them up like our own, we don't substitute cheap china crap like some online shops do. We are a real skate shop run by real skaters with real brands and a real passion for everything skateboarding, not some ebay shop designed to rip money off Australian skaters and run your local skate shop out of business.


Basement Skate
136 Regent st
Redfern, NSW 2016

P: 02 8668 4658
ABN: 56 164 857 783

Skate Shop hours
Mon to Fri: 10:00am - 7:00pm
Weekends: 10am - 5pm

Meet the Crew

Robbo - Dave Robertson
Robbo - Residing somewhere in his 30's (mid or late depending on head attire), Robbo is the engine room of the Basement, idolised by massive fan base of groms after years of working and living in the skate industry. There was once a rumor Robbo was seen outside of the Basement, but its commonly known by the local groms that he lives at the Basement

Maga McWhinnie
Maga - Our sweet Peruvian princess and the Manager of Basement Skate. Has a deep knowledge of skateboarding honed from travelling and competing all over the world. Has a unique Robdog style of destroying all skate gear given to her. Guaranteed not to tell you to F#@k off and currently teaching Robbo to speak Spanish and fully stoking out the girls scene.

Baz - Barret Car
Baz - Certified ancient, Spent most of his life riding the big waves in Hawaii and running surf companies. Now more commonly seen in guru status cruising the east-side solo on his skateboard in the late of night or dishing out wisdom at the local bus stop.