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TrickTape Skate Shoe Tape 8pk White

TrickTape Skate Shoe Tape 8pk White
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If you skate you know how easy it is to trash a fresh pair of kicks. You skate a bunch, ollie a hundred times, fall a lot, and your shoes get wrecked. In this war of attrition between your skate shoes and your griptape we all know the grip always wins in the end. Thanks to Tricktape you can now bring a gun to the fight. Tricktape is a simple and epically quick solution to those shoe blowouts, in less than a minute you can throw a patch on and get back to skating with the same grip and feel of regular suede. We recommend you keep a tab in your wallet at all times, so when you blow a hole in your shoes you get back on board and keep skating.

Wondering how to fix skate shoes that have torn or ripped? TrickTape is the perfect solution.

  • TrickTape is quick and easy to apply

  • Allows you to keep skating quickly

  • Available in black, white, charcoal, maroon, navy, and gray

  • Lets you fix ripped shoes with a blend-in shoe patch

Get more out of your skate shoes with our 2.50" x 1.25" suede patches. Find a colour that blends in with your shoe, or stand out with something completely different! Either way, our skate shoe repair patches will help your shoes last longer and keep money in your pocket.

  • Easy to Use

  • Cost-Saving Durability

  • Consistent Board Feel

  • 100% Recycled Synthetic Suede

This is the 8 pack in White Suede for those mega shoe destroying core skaters. Save yourself some cash and break the cycle of buying fresh kicks every month just to skate in.