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Spitfire F4 Tablets 55mm 101a Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire F4 Tablets 55mm 101a Skateboard Wheels
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Type Street/Park/Vert
Diameter (mm) 55
Duro (a) 101
Contact Patch (mm) 23
Lip Profile Round
Surface Smooth
Bearing Core Centerset
Colour White

Spitfire Formula Four Tablets 55mm 101a Skateboard Wheels are awesome park wheels for quick response and less weight. Formula Four Performance Urethane lasts the longest, grips the most consistently and withstands the most abuse! Spitfire Formula Four Urethane has been developed to combine all the desired properties of a high performance wheel without sacrificing aesthetics and all round shred-ability. 

Wheel Size -  The 55mm size will give you consistent speed for faster street skating while also maintaining a solid roll on the flat and better momentum on medium to large transition and ramps. 55mm is really the perfect size if you want to go big but not too big. 

Wheel Shape / Profile: Tablets - The 'Tablets' are a new wheel profile from Spitfire, designed with a straight cut profile to lock your grinds like solitary confinement. Shaped with a wide riding surface for better control when your blazing fast lines around the park. Lock and load into legdes, rails and coping with a stable and fast grind.

Urethane - Formula Four 101a: Spitfire released their new Formula Four wheels a few years ago now. The latest formula was designed for higher abrasion resistance. This means it is a little harder to flat spot. Usually adorned with a red coloured graphic, the Formula Four 101A wheels are the hardest Spitfire Wheels available. They are super fast on smooth surfaces and the easiest to slide. Being super hard, if you find they let go on smooth surfaces or feel unpleasant on rougher terrain, switch back to the 99A models. There are no hard and fast rules, best to try out different wheels and select what works best for you. For more info read Spitfire Wheel Formulas Explained