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Spitfire Bighead 57mm 99a Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Bighead 57mm 99a Skateboard Wheels
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Type Street/Park/Vert
Diameter (mm) 57
Duro (a) 99
Contact Patch (mm) 18
Lip Profile Round
Surface Smooth
Bearing Core Centerset
Colour White

The Spitfire Bighead 57mm  Skateboard Wheels come in a true 99a duro and now in a big diameter for those looking for a tranny wheel with more speed . Chill out Venice style with a good soul mix of urethane that is made to withstand all types of park terrain, don't let your wheels hold you back, grab these wheels and skate the streets and parks harder, longer and faster. 

Wheel Shape / Profile: Classic - Spitfire claim this is the #1 shape in skateboarding world wide. And it probably is. This shape first emerged in the early 90’s and has been a popular go-to ever since.  It features a large radius from the bearing seat which produces a fairly narrow contact patch. It is the great all rounder. For more info read Spitfire Wheel Shapes Explained

The Classic 99A formula: Formulated using the original Spitfire recipe, this classic formula is still very popular. It is a modern version and has been improved over time. It is trusted by Spitfire riders that have been riding them for years. Of the hard formulas if is a little more forgiving to ride on. The Classic formula is great go to wheel for any terrain and could be considered the best Spitfire all rounder. Being slightly softer it can flat spot a little easier than the newer tweaked Formula Four wheels. The nice thing with the Classics is the natural coloured wheels have a minty crisp white appearance. For more info read Spitfire Wheel Formulas Explained