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Skoa Vapor Silver CNC 178mm 42° Precision Longboard Trucks

Skoa Vapor Silver CNC 178mm 42° Precision Longboard Trucks
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Type Longboard
Width (mm) 178
Suit Deck Width
Construction CNC Precision
Colour Silver

The Skoa Vapor Silver 178mm CNC 42 degree Longboard Trucks are awesome all round CNC Billet Trucks, perfect for freeride and downhill riding. The Vapors have a very smooth and flowy feeling, with a smooth transition from sliding to traction.

Designed to fit tall bushings with no slop offering more lean to rail fast corners and more turning range when your freeriding. The hangers are flip-able with low Rake making it easy to dial in your trucks without extreme differences. The large Pivot cups are 90a and poured in house, offering better dampening, more support and durability. 4 axis CNC machining allows for more hectic curves and techy geometry so the Skoa's look like a piece of modern art from every angle.

The Vapors are an awesome CNC truck to do it all from maching race tracks, bombing massive mountain roads and laying down long thane lines when your freeriding with your mates. 100% Made in Germany!

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  • 42° Baseplates
  • Flipable Hanger/Low Rake = easy tuning for rider preference, without extreme differences.
  • Medium Offset = Flowy Turns and smooth sliding transitions.
  • Tall Barrels = More Lean.
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups = More dampening, more support, more durability. We hand pour these our self in 90a.
  • SKOA EUROTHANE Bushings. 90a Tall Barrels Bottom and 90a Standard Barrels top.
  • Fine Threaded Axles and Kingpins = more precise tightness for bushings and wheels.
  • A 3.25” kingpin is hammered in, allowing you the option for double tall barrels, with no slop.
  • metrical M8x1 axle nuts
  • 4 axis CNC machined
  • hight: 60mm
  • weight: 369g (incl. axles, nuts, baseplate, kingpin, kingpin nut, washer, pivot cup), without bushings