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Rayne Fortune Deep Sea Longboard

Rayne Fortune Deep Sea Longboard
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Deck Length 36
Width (inches) 9.75
Wheelbase (inches) 22 - 27.25
Flex Stiff
Truck Mount Topmount
Concave Radial
Deck Shape Directional
Platform Micro Drop
Rails Square
Kicker Back Kick
Construction Bamboo
Fibreglass Composite
Colour Black

You know Pat Swiss???  Well I'm sure you do otherwise you wouldn't be checking out his Pro model, if its good enough to win multiple world titles for Patrick Switzer than its likely the board you want.

Say you want to skate a mountain pass at full speed with full control of your riding but also want to dive into some major drifts and slides the Rayne Fortune Deep Sea will hold the rail regardless. Full control and full speed at the same time!

The Rayne Fortune V3 Longboard is a directional, top mounted speed board like no other. The Fortune gets a full radial concave with almost no flat battom, a small spoon tail and an upturned nose added to the directional shape so you can ollie, manual and generally ride one board for whatever goofing you get up to.

Integrated Wheelwells: subtle, pressed in curves in the front and rear open up the new radial concave to naturally allow for more diverse wheel options, while allowing the rider to find their feet without looking and prevent wheelbite without cutting into the deck.

Integrated Foot Locks: molded into the Wheelwells, the three dimensional waves create natural ridges to dig your foot into for tucking, pushing out drifts and slides and generaly keeping your eyes and mind on the road ahead and not the board beneath you.