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Miasma PP Myasthma 8" Skateboard

Miasma PP Myasthma 8" Skateboard
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Width (inches) 8.0
Length (inches) 31.875
Wheelbase (inches) 14.25
Construction Maple
Style Street/Park
Colour Brown

Miasma PP Myasthma 8" Skateboard is as essential in your quiver as your inhaler and this is a versatile size for all style of street skateboarding, lighter and quick on the flip. It also has the right weight and size to really perceive the board and concave when your throwing it around. A full 14" wheelbase, greater versatility for faster and bigger tricks while holding its own in transition parks. Great choice for those who wish to start and are keen to learn a bit of every form skating.

Miasma hails from hardcore a core group of core dudes who live and breath skateboarding. Raw and unrehearsed madness is what follows. Check out there graphics. Miasma decks are made from special maple trees that grow deep in the Blue Mountains not far from where they found the new strain. Seriously folks your purchasing a local deck that kicks arse.