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Lucid Grip Glow Spray On Grip

Lucid Grip Glow Spray On Grip
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Lucid Grip
Weight 0.50 kg
Type Longboard Regular
Width (inches) 9
Colour Clear

Looking for a solution to freshen your deck and be noticed? Feel like a glow worm lighting up your feet when shredding the streets at night. Cruise bare foot or grip up a new creation? We have you covered with Lucid Grip; Spray on Glow grip! This is the Medium spray to give you a secure grip to cruise, carve and commute with the maxium glow effect.. Whether it's wood, fiber glass, metal, ceramic, you name it our product practically sticks to almost all clean finished surfaces. 

GLOW - Our unique glow grip is about the size of our Medium grip. It charges with light and glows for roughly 2-4 hours. 

MEDIUM - If you looking for a little more grip but still easy on the feet and you want to match whats on the deck then medium is for you. 

GLOW Grip Details: 

The GLOW grip is made from Strontium aluminate which is a photo luminescent phosphorous material, it absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation) & UV rays to charge. It does NOT require direct or indirect sunlight to charge. It will charge well in low level indoor light conditions. 


  • 'The Liquid' bottle
  • 'The Grip' bottle
  •  Foam Brush 
  • Instrustions