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Complete Longboards

Basement Skate has a massive selection of Complete Pre-Made Longboards from brands all over the world. These boards come ready assembled to take them for a skate. In our selection of Complete Longboards you will be able to find many different shapes, dimensions, style, flex and brands. 

Most of our Longboard Completes will be a great option for any first time rider looking for a commut... read more...

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Arbor Dropcruiser Photo 38" Complete Longboard Skateboard
$268.00 $329.00
save 19%
Arbor Mindstate Flagship 37.5" Complete Longboard
$268.00 $328.00
save 18%
Omen Tango Dancer 46" Longboard
$480.00 $594.00
save 19%
Remember Carmel 37.5" freestyle Complete Longboard
$279.00 $374.00
save 25%