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Independent Forged Titanium 139 Skateboard Trucks Black

Independent Forged Titanium 139 Skateboard Trucks Black
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Weight 0.50 kg
Type Skateboard
Width (mm) 137
Suit Deck Width 8.0" - 8.2"
Features Titanium Axle
Hollow Kingpin
Forged Baseplate
Construction Cast Aluminium
Forged Aluminum
Colour Black

The Independent Forged Titanium 139 Skateboard Trucks in Black are part of the new color range from Independent Trucks, matte black baseplate and hangers witht the classic Indy Logo on top. Ultra lightweight skateboard trucks with hollow chromoly kingpin and super strong titanium axle. Forged aluminium baseplates give added strength and reduce weight even more.

Like your music up loud and set to 10 on the volumne control and wondered what it would be like to go that little bit further to eleven.

Volume controls suck because they never like change and stop at 10 unlike Independant who have moved on from the 10 and now have Stage 11 trucks.

Independent STD 139 Stage 11 skateboard trucks are stronger and will handle anything above 11 stairs with out bending.

They have also made the grind clearance better along with better turn ability teamed up with less wheel bite. All this combined makes landing big airs grinding rails or just generally going off the ricta easier.

Independent Forged Titanium 139 Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks They last longer and are stronger on impact than any other titanium axle truck on the market. Independent uses only the best materials:like beer and cigarettes mixed with:

  • 356 T6 Aluminum hanger
  • Solid Titanium axle
  • Forged Aluminium baseplate
  • Hollow Chromoly kingpin
  • Supercush cushions with cylinder bottom
  • 10% lighter than regular Stage 11
  • 53.5mm height

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