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Exite Pro 540 Skate Knee Pads

Exite Pro 540 Skate Knee Pads
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The EXITE PRO-540 is a unique knee-pad for skateboarding where knee protection is needed, you can customize this knee-pad to suit your fit. It is strapped onto the knee from the front (no need to remove your skate shoes) and offers full wrap-around protection and comfort. It is modular- meaning you can pull this pad apart making it washable unlike most pads out there.

With the Pro-Series you can maximize or minimize the protection to suit your skating. The Pro-540 is 100% modular to service and repair if needed. Removable foam, replaceable elastic top strap, replaceable caps and the “Skin-of-the-pad” is serviceable and repairable. So, when its time to wash your knee pads and remove the smell of trapped sweat and dead skin cells that build up.

The Pro-540 cap system is mounted using velcro and spare caps are available.