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Element Seal 8.25" Complete Skateboard

Element Seal 8.25" Complete Skateboard
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Width (inches) 8.25
Length (inches) 31.75
Wheelbase (inches) 14.25
Construction Maple
Style Street/Park
Colour Black

The Element Seal is the perfect skateboard for beginners to pro's in a nice 8.25" width that will let you skate both street and park with a bit more stablilty and control. The Seal 8.25" complete is great for all types of street skating, light and tight for landing kickflips, ollies and grinding up on ledges and rails but wide enough to get yourself into transition parks and ramps. A full size ride for landing bit tricks, busting over large gaps, and dropping into the deep end at your local skate park. The 8.25" width is also great for just skating around, nice and stable and not too small. This is enhanced by the addition of slightly softer 95a all-terrain wheel urethane which will take some of the rattle out and be easier on the push giving you a smoother ride.

Founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff, Element Skateboards has been around for a very long time. They continue to produce high quality rides and premium constructions and have some of the best skateboards on their team including Australian Bjorn Johnston amongst others.


  • Element 5.5" Silver Trucks
  • Element 52mm 95a All-Terrain Urethane Wheels
  • Element Black bearings 
  • 7/8" Black Hex bolts
  • Regular Black Griptape