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Bustin Bonsai 29" (E)Core Barcelona Cruiser Skateboard

Bustin Bonsai 29" (E)Core Barcelona Cruiser Skateboard
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Length (inches) 29.1
Width (inches) 9.1
Wheelbase (inches) 16.5
Construction Maple
Kicker Double Kick
Colour Brown

Plastic sucks, but a mini-cruiser is a quiver essential for riders worldwide.  The Bonsai 29" is an the apache helicopter of cruisers chasing down your small change plastic boards and demolishing back alley's all over the country.  Ultra light (E)Core™ construction wraps 3D concave and a fully functional tail. More compact  for a city cruising, this new mini-city smasher edition can cover every bit of all round skateboarding and fit any wheel. City shredder, part trickster, part surfy/carver/cruiser. A petit super machine for all urban slashers.

The Bonsai is designed to push fast and push all day.  Unlike most cruisers that are mass-produced with cheap materials and components, the premium Bonsai is made with their (E)Core™ construction and built with only top-shelf components.

The (E)Core™ layup creates a snappy rebound from every push and while effortlessly carving and whipping through the city.  This amplifies the power of every push and every pump, and leads to less fatigue throughout your day. In addition to being noticeable lighter, the new construction offers a more lively pop and that "brand-new board feel" for 4x longer than previous all-wood versions.  Why add a composite core to a mini-cruiser?  Because it feels better and lasts longer.  

Skate Design - The Bonsai is designed from a skateboard.  The tail and nose allow you to ollie high, while the wheelbase and concave will feel very familiar to those pushing popsicle sticks.  If you're a street/park skater wanting a fast cruiser that will run larger wheels and whip through traffic, the Bonsai is a good choice.  

Assembled with Bustin 7" Standard black trucks , 66 mm 78a Bustin wheels.

Built to skate, not to fake but style never hurt.