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Founded by Rodney Mullen in 2000, Tensor specialise is making super high quality ultra-light trucks. Tensor Magnesium trucks are 11% lighter than the industry standard. Daewon says, "Magnesium’s grind anything! And shinners hurt less cuz their light!" Tensor trucks are designed with technical flips tricks, grinding and flat land riding in mind. The more restrictive turn helps you set your feet when you’re about to pop a trick, and when your landing.  Tensor trucks come in varying heights High (fit up to 58mm wheels), Mid (up to 54mm wheels) and Low (up to 52mm wheels).

Now available in fresh Aluminium for the same classic tensor feel, with a stronger and tougher construction.

If you’re looking for a super light truck that will help your board flip quicker than an Olympic high diver…go for Tensor!

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Tensor Aluminum ATG Split Black Gold 5.5" Skateboard Trucks
Tensor MAGLight ATG 5.75" UV Brophy Skateboard Trucks