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Bones SPF Pro Miller Guilty Cat V2 58mm 104a Skateboard Wheels

Bones SPF Pro Miller Guilty Cat V2 58mm 104a Skateboard Wheels
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Type Street/Park/Vert
Diameter (mm) 58
Duro (a) 104
Contact Patch (mm) 19
Lip Profile Round
Surface Smooth
Bearing Core Centerset
Colour White

Bones SPF Pro Miller Guilty Cat Skateboard Wheels are specifically formulated for what you skate to give you more control, less flat spots, better grip without compromising slide ability. For riding big bowls or transition parks with that shiny concrete there is nothing better than Bones SPF. These Miller's are Skater engineered, designed and manufactured in the USA.

Skatepark Formula (SPF) is the hardest durometer wheels that Bones produces. Bones uses the B-scale for hardness measuring which may seem a little confusing given almost everybody uses the A-scale but there is a strong reason for it. The B-scale is a better measure of super hard urethanes These SPF wheels are in the 84b duro which roughly translates to 104a which is what you want on the shiny polished surfaces of skate parks.

The Miller Guilty Cat SPF wheels are in the P5 shape giving you a wheel that is very versatile. You get a fairly narrow contact patch with a nice round lip into a relatively sharp edge, the outer edge concaves in from lip to core giving you less drag and allowing you to lock in better for faster grinds with the additional benefit of protecting the graphic

This premium urethane is specifically formulated by Bones to resist flatspotting on slick or smooth surfaces (like skate parks) while maintaining a higher rebound for a quick response and a faster roll. Skatepark Formula has a high resistance to abrasion while not compromising hardness and slide ability. SPF wheels grip better on slick surfaces, are mega resistant to flatspots, and are some of the fastest, longest lasting wheels on the market.