Need grip? Get Fruity!

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What’s new in the world of grip tape at Basement Skate? Well, we’ve gone a bit Fruity. And Fruity is an Australian brand of griptape with and amazing plethora of colours and designs. Grip tape art is a very popular pastime if you love your arts and crafts, and Fruity provide the perfect medium for that activity. Let’s take a look at a few designs.

Fruity Uranium Glow 9″ Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Fruity Uranium Glow 9" Skateboard Griptape Sheet

This has got to be the glowiest glow in the dark product we have ever seen. If glowiest is even a proper word? Just hit it with light and this stuff glows so much it lights up in a mere shadow. Rumor has it that this grip tape contains super top secret ingredients sourced from Chernobyl and Fukushima. Use at you own risk.

No Scooter 9″ x 33″ Skateboard Griptape Sheet

No Scooter 9" x 33" Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Do the right thing with this griptape and send a subtle message to all those two wheeled speed bumps at the local skate park. Friends don’t let friends ride scooters.

Spider Green Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Spider Green Skateboard Griptape  

Did you just buy that new Creature deck? Well, we have quite possibly the perfect sheet of grip tape to tear it up on your new haunted plank. Get spooky!

Fruity Clear Glitter Skateboard Griptape Sheet

clear glitter Skateboard Griptape

Disco Disco Good Good! Get groovy with this glittery little number from Fruity. You can sparkle as you jam, turn it up with some of these for the funkiest set up around.

Grass Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Grass Skateboard Griptape Sheet

When it comes to the bottom of your skateboard, the grass really can be greener on the other side. Look down and it will feel like a pleasant morning on the back nine.

Fruity Eraser Griptape Cleaner

Fruity Eraser Griptape Cleaner

Skate dusty and dirty spots? Is that concrete curing compound at the new park clogging your grip and getting you down? Fruity have the solution, and this thing works really well. It will unclog and sharpen that fancy Fruity griptape up for optimum grip and performance.

Fruity Key Ring Griptape Cutter Pocket Knife

Fruity Key Ring Griptape Cutter Pocket Knife

At a blade length of exactly 2″ long, this proper little pocket knife is the perfect little pocket friend for doing a neat job trimming off your new griptape. Or your fruit? Available in Black, Blue or Red. Over 16’s only sorry.

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