Double Take : New Powell Peralta Reissue Decks

Powell Peralta Reissue

It may seem like Powell have been flogging a dead horse for years. Collectors still love these things and snap up every new model and colour as they are released. They are some of the most heavily traded boards out there. Buy as many as you like and you’ll never get stuck with them if you need something else down the track. Here are a couple of recent releases that will most likely go straight to the pool room.

Powell Peralta Reissue Ripper Checker OG 10″ Skateboard

Powell Peralta Reissue

I made a DIY wall ride near my place a while back. The problem is on a regular modern board, the nose is too long when you hit it straight on. Short of buying another 20 bags of concrete and making a transition to the wall with a larger radius, one of these baby’s should do the trick!

This is a modern take on the classic 1983 Powell Ripper. Arguably the most iconic skateboard graphic of all time, “The Ripper” was illustrated by legendary Powell-Peralta artist V.C. Johnson. Originally the graphic was used as a “Bones Sold Here” dealer window sticker. Next, the artwork found it’s way onto t-shirts and eventually decks.

Width (inches) 10
Length (inches) 30
Wheelbase (inches) 16.25
Construction Maple
Style Old School
Colour Black Blue Magenta White

Powell Peralta Reissue Nicky Guerrero Mask 10″ Skateboard

Powell Peralta Reissue

European Homie Nicky Guerrero was one of the best and skated with the best back in the day. He rode with the Powell Peralta Team including Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Ray Barbee, Frankie Hill, Ray Underhill, Bucky Lasek and more. His Powell Peralta Reissue graphic was drawn by Sean Cliver, inspired from a book on Polynesian art and features a personalised custom top graphic. This deck comes in a natural veneer top and bottom.

Nicky still rips to this day and usually gets a podium place in any veterans comp he skates. Buy his deck and help out with the old fellas travel funds.

Width (inches) 10
Length (inches) 31.75
Wheelbase (inches) 15.16
Construction Maple
Style Vert / Bowl / Old School
Colour Natural

Emerica Collin Provost Provider Skate Shoes


Collin Provost in gnarly. To make it onto team rosters like Toy Machine and Emerica, you have to be. We have just received Collins new shoe with a nod to his nickname ‘The Provider’. It’s a pretty durable beast, check out specs and details below.

Emerica Provider Black Black Skate Shoes

The Provider Black Skate Shoes are the Collin ‘The Provider’ Provost Pro Model kicks from Emerica. If you have been looking for a stylish all weather shoe, this could be it. It is finished in greasy nubuck leather with waxed laces making it perfect for water repulsion.


The Provider is Collin’s third pro shoe and comes with Emerica’s new G6 plus drop-in footbed. This new premium insole provides super high impact protection, High Memory for crispy comfort and is very light weight to get you popping. A classic low profile silhouette with a 4 patterned upper and reinforced top cap gives your feel ample support for serious shredding. Built on a blacked out vulcanized out-sole for awesome board feel and grip, these black to the floor premium leather kicks will have you destroying coping in style. Designed, tested, and 100% skateboarding approved by Emerica’s Collin Provost.


  • Drop-In High Memory Lightweight G6 PLUS Insole
  • Double Wrapped Foxing Construction
  • Reinforced Toe Cap
  • Triangle Tread™
  • Silicone Printed Tongue
  • Custom Textured Toe Bumper
  • Waxed Laces

Because one clip of Collin just aint enough, check out the Focus clip from Emerica below with a bit more insight into what makes him tick.

Free Skate sessions at BIG hART set up at The Cutaway Barangaroo

The Cutaway Barangaroo

Have you heard about the new skate park right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD? No, well as much as it has been the Sydney skateboard scene’s dream, it is now a reality. If that seems too good to be true head on down to the Cutaway at Barangaroo and check it out. There is a catch though. It’s only there until July 2019.

The Cutaway Barangaroo

It’s open to skate, but you will have to register and grab a ticket. Tickets are free so sign up before you head down there as space is limited. The following times are available to skate until 13th April 2019.

BIG hART at The Cutaway Barangaroo – Open Skate Times

The space will return May 17 for 2 weeks. Times differ, best to keep up-to-date at: .

It’s undercover, which is great news with all this wet weather we have been having. The set up and obstacles will be changed around regularly so you will have something different each time you visit.

If you have kids or friends that would like to try out skateboarding, or a new at it and need some tips from the pro’s there is a school holiday program from 14-18 April. The workshops are being run by our friends at Totem Skateboarding.

Did you catch our post about the BIG hART project running until July 2019. BIG hART also have a bunch of other shows & events going on down there too. The Sydney Morning Herald put out an article on 25th February 2019 about the performance shows.

‘Stomp’ on wheels: Skateboarding project aims to help disadvantaged communities

“The company will occupy the Cutaway, which covers an area the size of 30 tennis courts, until July, inviting skaters from all over Sydney to take part in “skate jams”, workshops and demonstrations. At the same time, SKATE – a 60-minute spectacular featuring skateboarding acrobatics, music and a high-tech light show – will be developed ready to open mid-year.” SMH

The show also stars Basement Skate’s own team-rider Aimee Massie, hot off the heels of her recent Queen of Concrete win! Tickets for the shows are also FREE and a great way to kick off a trip into town.

The Cutaway Barangaroo

Aimee Massie shows off some of her skills at the Cutaway 📷 Janie Barrett / SMH


Do you want a free skate session down at The Cutaway Barangaroo?

Of course you do, here’s how to get there.

Double Take : New Santa Cruz Reissue Decks

Santa Cruz Reissue Decks

Santa Cruz have fired up the old presses and screens again. They have come up with a couple of great New Santa Cruz Reissue Decks. Rather than keep bangin’ out classic OG colour ways they have given the new 2019 releases a fresh twist with some never released versions. And they look pretty bad ass! Continue reading

Time to grab a new Hoodie?


It’s shoulder season, of course it is! Nothing worse than that unexpected cold snap and only have a drobe full of T’s! Gone are the days of all skate hoodies being printed on run of the mill polyester fleece. You know the horrible pilling stuff that was once the only choice. These days companies have latched onto nicer knits and some cotton rich blends that have a very premium feel. Fancy. Continue reading

Skate Pins : Let’s get ready to rumble – Pin up your battle vest!

Pinners... it’s a thing you know! And if you know, you know. Every other company has been making Skate Pins these days and there are some pretty cool iconic skate ones in stock right now. If you have an old battle vest, denim or leather jacket – you have the perfect place to put them. Beware, like Prignles, you can’t stop at just one. So here are our favorite Skate Pins from our collection to get some bling on your top going. Continue reading

Parramadness Skateboard Comp March 31st 2019


The good folks from SKUWS (Skateboarders Western Sydney University) have gone mad and have a cracker of an event coming up at Parramatta Skatepark. It is the 2019 ‘Parramadness’ Skate Comp. Continue reading

Modus Blue bearings – Price Point Performance

Blue bearings

With close to two decades of research and development, Modus bearings have forged a reputation as one of the skate industries leading bearing brands.

On a regular recent overhaul of their range they released upgraded version of their Blue series bearings. These have replaced the old ABEC 3 model, but retain the same price. These new blue beauties give you high end performance at an affordable price.

Blue bearings

So, exactly what have Modus done to offer superior quality bearings at the same price point?

For starters, Blues come with a slightly lower level of grease lubricant. This reduces ‘drag’ inside the bearing which in turn results in higher performance and a bearing that is good to go straight out of the box.

Other improvements include rings that are polished 20% smoother than most skate bearings available on the market. The ball grade is much higher, providing a shape much closer to a true sphere, resulting in increased durability & smoother ride. If you prefer your bearings to be fast rather than just sound fast, Modus Blues are the go.”

The curvature of the steel raceway is deep grooved and ground to ‘Swiss specifications’. While other ‘Swiss’ bearings might sound fast, which is essentially the noise of metal on metal. If you prefer your bearings to be fast rather than just sound fast, Modus Blues are the go.

With Australian and international team riders including Grant Taylor, Jackson Pilz, Rowan Zorilla, Nick Boserio, Oski Rozenberg Hallberg Darren Kaehne and Jack Fardell swearing by the quality of Modus bearings, the proof is in the ride!

Check out the full team list here.

Landyachtz Stratus Faction & Stratus Faction Hollowtech Superflex Completes

Landyachtz Stratus

The Landyachtz Stratus has been one of the most popular dancing decks on the market for a couple of years now. Renowned for their exceptional quality and ride, we have just received the 2019 models. They are available as deck only and also as ready to roll completes.
Continue reading

Double Take : New Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboards


The poor old blog site has been a little rich with Landyachtz content recently. There is a good reason for this. We have received a huge shipment of all new 2019 models. Here are the two latest in the series of the Landyachtz Dinghy. We have 2 new versions just in, being the Creature and Karaoke Samurai models. These little complete cruisers are perfect to get around town bomb hills, slash alleys and throw down old school grabs and laybacks. The Landyachtz Dinghy is reliable and will get you home safely. You pretty much guaranteed good times on the streets, back alleys and anywhere this stubby little number will take you.

Length (inches) 28.5
Width (inches) 8
Wheelbase (inches) 14.6
Construction Maple
Kicker Single Kick
Colour Turquiose

Landyachtz Dinghy 28 Creature Complete Cruiser Skateboard

I’m not sure what i like better. Old western movies or old horror movies.

The Landyachtz Dinghy Creature has solved this dilemma for me when it comes to choosing skateboard graphics. I mean, what’s cooler than a creature wearing a cowboy hat? The answer is getting some action on this perfect little street machine I reckon.


  • Polar Bear 105mm Trucks
  • Fatty Hawgs 63mm 78a
  • Bear Spaceball bearings

Landyachtz Dinghy 28 Karaoke Samurai Cruiser Skateboard

Screw carpool karaoke, how about a little drive by karaoke? Bust out your favorite song while hitting the streets with this cool little speed machine. Then chop something up. Arigato gozimasu.


  • Polar Bear 105mm Trucks
  • Fatty Hawgs 63mm 78a
  • Bear Spaceball bearings
Length (inches) 28.5
Width (inches) 8
Wheelbase (inches) 14.6
Construction Maple
Kicker Single Kick
Colour Natural

Double Take : Happy Hour Shades

If you ever frequent caravan parks or drive up and down the coast, you will see tonnes of bumper stickers and flags that say “It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere.” And when it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere it usually means it’s Happy Hour somewhere. We have been expanding our range of shades and good news for you. There is no longer any reason to wait till 5:00pm, slip on a pair of these shades and it will be Happy Hour anytime you want. Even before 12:00pm!

We have a full new range of cool Happy Hour Shades in stock and here are a couple of new models you can grab right now.

Happy Hour Shades Gerwer Ski Patrol Fold Up Sunglasses

Happy Hour Shades

Happy Hour Shades brings you the Frank Gerwer pro fold up sunglasses. A clean matte white frame that will reflect those shiny rails as you kick flip to 5-0 down them. While looking sharp. Hanging them off your collar or throwing them around just reults in annoying scratched shades. Not with these babies. When the sun is set just fold em up and put them in your pocket. 

Perfect for those sunny days skating when you want to keep your sight clear and to keep your eyes protected from the sun and UV light. The Frank Gerwer pro fold up sunglasses give you a classic look with a neat trick.

  • UV 400, Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Mirrored Lens
  •  Matte White Fold-up Polycarbonate Frame
  • Made to fit any nose, even Frank’s

Happy Hour Shades Beach Party Black Sunglasses

Happy Hour Shades

What could be more stylish than a 1960’s beach cocktail party? Not much. At least if you ever get invited to one you’ll have the perfect accessory. Happy Hour Shades brings you these black beach party shades with curvaceous goodness all over with a nice tinted lens. These guys will make you look seriously good with 60’s style steez.

Happy Hour Shades Beach Party Black Sunglasses offer great protection for those sunny days skating when you want to keep your sight clear. They will also keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV light.

  • Gloss Black Polycarbonate Frame
  • g-15 UV400 Lens

Sunglasses are a fairly new line for us and have so far been really successful. The pricing on our entire range is really good and we have plenty of affordable styles that will protect your eyes and keep you looking cool.

Comfy Cush – New Vans Old Skool Blackout Skate Shoes

Comfy Cuch Vans

Vans have just released a new line shoes constructed a little differently to their classic and pro lines. The new line is called Comfy Cush and features a soft EVA foam inner construction. We have just received a batch of the new Old Skool Comfy Cush Blackout Skate Shoes. They combine new construction with one of Vans iconic silhouettes. Continue reading

DOUBLE TAKE : New Arbor Skateboards Cruiser completes

Arbor Skateboards

There really are some killer little cruiser completes out there on the market at the moment. Here are two awesome little numbers from Arbor Skateboard’s 2019 collection that have just hit the shelves. Continue reading

Landyachtz – ATV Series Tiger completes

All new 2019 Landyachtz ATV Series Tiger completes have arrived. These are the perfect set up for regular street skaters that need a sled to hit rough terrain. In fact these two new completes are exactly how all street cruisers should be set up. The Tiger completes come in 2 shapes. One is a 8.6″ wide standard double kick deck and the other is a 9.1″ wide classic directional shape.
Continue reading

The National Skateboard Co. – New boards Meryl Streep!

The National Skateboard Co.

Once upon a time skateboarders from England tried to look like skateboarders from the USA. This is not the case anymore. If you are going for that ‘I’m going out to steal a Ford Cortina’ look, we have the perfect brand for you. The National Skateboard Co. Continue reading

Globe Costa On Shore Low Tide Skateboard

Why surf when you can skate on a skateboard that feels like a surfboard? I have never quite got the grasp of the concept, but there is a whole section of the skateboard industry that thrives on it. If surfing is your thing and there are no waves, then we have the plank for you. It’s the new Globe Costa On Shore Low Tide Skateboard. Continue reading

Free Skateboarding Lessons for Uni Students with SKUWS April 2019

Skuws – Skateboarders Western Sydney University – Free Skateboarding Lessons for Uni Students

Free Skateboarding Lessons

More FREE skateboarding lessons for students at Western Sydney University. They start on March 4th and run until April 25th 2019.

Learn to skate with the experienced and friendly coaches from Totem Skateboarding every Tuesday. Meet us at 11-1pm Western Sydney University Parramatta South campus. Continue reading

Queen Of Concrete Skate Competition Saturday 2 March 2019

Look out ladies. It’s going to be a big skateboarding week for you from this Saturday. The Queen Of Concrete skate competition is coming to Sydenham Green Skate Park in Sydney on Saturday, 2 March for a celebration of girls skateboarding with an all Girls Bowl and Street Competition. Continue reading