Sector 9 – 25 year anniversary Cosmic Cruiser

Sector 9

Twenty five years is a long time in skateboard industry terms and Sector 9 have just hit this milestone. In 2018 they achieved their silver anniversary and to celebrate have released a special version of the Cosmic 33″ Complete Longboard. Sector 9 were not the first company to ever make longboards. They are however possibly the first longboard centric large scale operation. The forged a mold for success in the surf industry and certainly cemented the idea of all longboards having beach scenes, waves and palm trees for graphics. Often imitated but not never mastered by other companies. Not really… it’s pretty simple and pretty much every surf centric skateboard operation does it. It’s a beach photo guys.

The Cosmic is one of their most staple and popular boards and is pretty fun to ride. It takes it’s cues from slalom boards and is the perfect little commuter. It’s a thin ply maple sandwiched between fiberglass top and bottom laminates with a big reverse camber. It’s super flexy and bouncy and the composite construction will ensure it retains it’s flex and bounce for a longtime. You can pump it through turns and the thin ply provides plenty of forgiving suspension on rough terrain. It’s got a fairly short kicktail, but enough to give you the extra control you need skating from A to B. It’s cosmic maaaannnn.

Thankfully being their 25th anniversary it’s given them a reason not to put a picture of a wave and a palm tree on the bottom. This time they have opted for a classic silver and black striped design. They never really stray too far from their surf roots but at least they are having a crack.

Sector 9 25 Year Cosmic 33″ Complete Longboard

Sector 9

Deck Length 33.25
Width (inches) 7.75
Wheelbase (inches) 21.5
Flex Medium
Truck Mount Topmount
Concave Radial
Deck Shape Directional
Platform Camber
Rails Round
Kicker Back Kick
Construction Maple Fibreglass Composite
Colour Black

Sector 9 have been the go to guys for surfy longboard for a longtime now and you’ll get a pretty fun ready to roll quality built complete straight off the shelf.

Here’s what the gang at Sector 9 have to say about their 25th birthday.

The 9-Ball was born in a La Jolla backyard, and slowly began rolling. First from coast to coast, then from continent to continent. Like most long journeys, ours has been filled with a number of road-blocks, breakdowns, wrong turns, mistakes, jump-starts, peaks, valleys, backseat drivers, victories, defeats and occasional periods of smooth sailing on the open road.

Along the way, we’ve also met quite the cast of characters! In the early days, it seemed like we had more hecklers than we did fans, as people didn’t quite know what to make of the longer skateboards that were ‘Built for Surfers, by Surfers’. Slowly, our following grew and grew and our families, employees, friends, followers, believers and customers all became simply known as ‘9’ers’.

Today, we are very much aware that the simple reason we’ve been able to persevere over the long course of this journey is because of our people – YOU, the 9’ers, worldwide. Make no mistake, it’s an understatement for us to say we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you!

We are forever grateful for the 25 years of blood, sweat and tears our employees have put into each and everything they’ve done for Sector 9. For the skin our team riders have left on the pavement while helping us develop the most reliable skateboards on the market. For our customers all over the world who never stopped believing in us, and for that incredible feeling we still get each and every time we step on one of our boards and start riding.

Over the course of 2018, we’d be honored if you took a few moments to raise a glass and join our celebration. If you don’t have time for that, then just grab one of our boards, head to your local hill or park, and let it rip, 9’er!

From all of us here at Sector 9, THANK YOU for the last 25 Years. We look forward to skating with you for many more!

Twenty five years is a long time, but hey… you’re never too old.

Skate T Shirts – Update your kit for 2019

Skate T Shirts

What are the best Skate T Shirts for 2019?

Summer is here and you probably need to new threads to hit the streets, music festivals or just update the wardrobe for 2019. Basement has you covered, 100% skater owned and operated torso covers in abundance.

Bro Style Logo Tee Navy

Skate T Shirts

Get down with the bro’s. This classic Bro Style will get you in just about anywhere bro. These bro’s also make some of the best socks, risers, bearings and wax you will ever find, grab that loot here bro.

Anti-Hero Out Of Order Orange Pocket Tee

Skate T Shirts

Big night on the tiles? Let people know not to mess with you today. Anti Hero Skateboards are here to prove orange is the new black.

Spitfire Bighead Navy Yellow Tee

Skate T Shirts

Fly the flag for your favorite San Franciscan wheel covers, you really can’t go wrong with this classic Spitfire Tee.

Thrasher Skategoat Black Tee

Skate T Shirts

Hot property, grab em’ while you can. We struggle to keep these things in stock. Combine it with a Supreme ballcap and you will be the darling of the Chatswood & Eastwood shopping mall scene.

Toy Machine Pyramid Tee Black

Skate T Shirts

Behold loyal pawns! There is some serious Illuminati sh*t going on here. All you need to know is it from Toy Machine, and you need to surrender to your benevolent skate overlord, Ed Templeton!

Dogtown Suicidal Tendencies Possessed To Skate Tee

Skate T Shirts

He rips, when he skates and he never hesitates. The parents have gone on on holidays and left the house to you to look after. What could possibly go wrong? Grab one of these for the full Dogtown vibe.

Chocolate Chunk The World Redfern Tee

Skate T Shirts

Super limited stock on this one, don’t snooze. The Chocolate Skateboards Chunk the World Series (decks, caps & T’s) is dedicated to Australia’s most live-able suburb, nestled right in the CBD. Redfern is the beating heart of Sydney city, surrounded by skate parks in every direction and filled with colourful rad people that keep the place a chunkin’ awesome suburb to be in! Oh… course you will also find Basement Skate right here!

Check out the full range of skate T Shirts here, we have a bunch on sale to if you are looking for a red hot bargain.

Vans TNT Advanced Skate Shoes have dropped!

Vans TNT

When it comes to Vans and TNT there is some serious history. He received his first pro models in the early 2000’s and has just released his latest Vans TNT Advanced model. It checks all the boxes when it comes to a perfect blend of heritage, modern comfort features and skate durability.

Tony Trujillo is tough as nails and so are these new kicks. we have two colour ways in stock, the Black / Red / White and the Dark Spruce Green / White. Continue reading

Bum Bag – It’s back from the 80’s kids!

Bum Bag

In the 1980’s the bum bag was a must have accessory. If you had a Vision or Life’s a Beach bum bag and matching beret you were on the cutting edge of street fashion. As the cargo pants thing hit, the bum bag was sent the way of the dodo. Unless of course you were peddling illicit substances on the mean streets. As with all fashion on the wheel of life, bum bags are back. Bum Bag Australia have launched a full range of new bags including some bigger utility bags. What’s next team, Skate Rags and Limpies? Continue reading

Santa Monica Airlines – New decks have just landed!

Santa Monica Airlines 

Here is quick history lesson just in case you have been sleeping. Santa Monica Airlines is owned by Skip Engblom. Skip was the mastermind behind putting together the Zephyr brand & team in the 1970’s. This pretty much launched the whole Dogtown and Z Boys movement and took skateboarding in a new direction. 2019 see’s the 40th anniversary since take off and we have a couple of new treats available. Continue reading

Independent X Thrasher Magazine Demo at Sydenham : 5.1.2019

Independent X Thrasher Magazine Demo at Sydenham – Saturday 5th January 2019 – 1:00pm

Independent X Thrasher Magazine Demo at Sydenham

Welcome to 2019 team, hope you had a blast skateboarding in 2018. Well, what better way to bring in the new year with a killer demo. Scrap all plans for Saturday 5th January 2019. Sydenham Green skate park is going to showcase some of the best skateboarders in the world flying the flag for Independent X Thrasher. Continue reading

Bowlzilla Gold Coast 2019 – Save the Date!


With Bowl-a-rama Bondi and ABC Newcastle being put on ice for 2019, those that love skateboarding action on the high ropes will be wondering what to do with themselves. Well, the good folks from Bowlzilla have the answer.

Save the date – 16th of March 2019 and head on up to the sunshine state for Bowlzilla! Did someone say road-trip? Service the bus, get crew and hit the blacktop.


Shane Collins – Nosegrind – © Bowlzilla 📸 Sarah Huston



Dates: 16th March 2019

Bowlzilla Event info:

13th March: Gold Coast Grill – local hosted BBQ skate session – more to come

14th March: Tic Taco art exhibition – Beach Burrito Company. The Strand Shop 25/26, 72-80 Marine Parade, Coolangatta 4225

15th March: Gold Coast Grill. Local hosted BBQ skate session – more to come

16th March: BOWLZILLA™ Gold Coast ASF National Park Skating Championships. 1 Pines Lane, Elanora, QLD 4221

Dive In – Official after party – Beach Burrito Company, Coolangatta


Keegan Palmer – Gold Coast Open winner 2018 © Bowlzilla 📸 Sarah Huston


About Bowlzilla:

BOWLZILLA™: BOWLZILLA™ is a skateboard competition and series. We do our own but are also part of a larger network of national and international skateboarding series.

The best skate comps have always been about the gathering. Getting together with friends you don’t get to see every day and skating and sharing our great culture is the goal. The competitions create the opportunity. Keep the competition fun. Celebrate the good times and invite everyone along to be part of it. This is the premise of BOWLZILLA™.

Yeah Girl is again working with BOWLZILLA again in 2019. They are onboard to ensure the highest paid Equality-in-Skateboarding event in Australia continues to support the fast-growing women’s skateboarding community.

The interest in skating is growing now the Olympics is part of the events landscape. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast is the biggest Park Skating competition in Australia. Bowlzilla is here to support the locals that want to have a craic and ensure fun and community stay the main focus.

“From the skaters to the artists and photographers, there’s no shortage of talented women in skateboarding. The BOWLZILLA Gold Coast festival never fails to recognise that. We’re excited to partner with BOWLZILLA again in 2019 to continue to promote and celebrate the grassroots culture of women’s skateboarding. It’s a great opportunity to support our Australian ladies of shred like Poppy Olsen, Taniah Meyers, Shanae Collins, Ava Godfrey, Charlotte, Heath, Aimee Massie and so many more.” Sarah Huston – Yeah Girl

Keep an eye out on the Basement Blog, we’ll have a very extensive interview with Chad Ford coming up on the blog very shortly.



Instagram: @bowlzilla, #bowlzilla, #bowlzillagoldcoast, #nationalparkskatingchampionships, @destinationgoldcoast, #WeAreGoldCoast, @yeahgirlskateboarding, #yeahgirlskateboarding

Lipstick Ladies Series decks from Pass~Port Skateboards

Lipstick Ladies

The Lipstick Ladies Series deck from Pass~Port Skateboards have just arrived. Love lippy, get one of these sexy numbers. The decks feature all new artwork of sculpted lipstick female busts. The decks also feature an awesome top graphic which I’ll keep secret. You’ll just have to pop in or order one to check it out. What a tease! Continue reading

Double Take : 2 Great Kids Skate Shoes from Emerica

Emerica kids shoes

If your looking for some solid schralping kicks for the tin lids check out these two new Emerica kids shoes. Getting good skate shoes for the groms can be tricky. Basement knows this and always has a solid range of smaller ‘proper’ skate shoes in stock. Even better news is that the Emerica kids shoes are pretty much miniature versions of the shoes for the big folks. Oh… and at about half the price!
Continue reading

Double Take : Polar Skateboards – 90’s Inspired Directional Decks

Polar Skateboards

Polar Skateboards have been on the scene for a few years now and are one of the companies that have influenced the direction many skateboard companies are now taking. Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, Polar Skateboards have made a huge impact on the skate scene internationally with a team of riders from all over the world. Continue reading

Sock it to me baby!

Socks skateboard socks

What do you get the skateboarder that has everything for a gift? SOCKS of course. Many years ago I took a bunch of skateboarders on a tour of from Brisbane to Melbourne for a couple of weeks. When I got to Melbourne I visited one of my shoe suppliers and he gave me a big box of sox for the crew. This turned out to be the highlight of the tour and those soft, fresh, cotton rich tubes of comfort were worth their weigh in gold to tired, stinky feet. Continue reading

New Santa Cruz Matte Finish Old School Decks

Santa Cruz Matte Finish

We have just received the latest Santa Cruz Matte Finish Old School Decks. Two classics and a ‘new’ old school deck have been given this awesome new treatment. The new Matte Finish makes for really nice deck displays, no hot spots or light reflection on these big lumber beasts. Continue reading

Rush Bearings – All Weather Skateboard bearings

Rush Bearings

When it comes to bearings, most skaters and skate-shops are a one trick pony and just promote and offer one or two brands. At Basement we offer a huge range of different options to keep you rolling. No matter what discipline of skateboarding you enjoy, we will have not only the perfect bearing for you, but a choice of options. One brand that is often overlooked is Rush bearings. These guys produce some great bearings and the pricing is pretty sharp. Continue reading

The Misfits x Zero Skateboards

The Misfits

WHOAH. Too much horror business? When it comes to The Misfits and skateboarding, apparently not. Like farting in the Basement, you just never hear the end of it. The Misfits have a merch catalogue envied by the likes of KISS and The Rolling Stones. There is very little that the Crimson Ghost hasn’t made a licensed appearance on. Everything from shoes and bobble heads to toilet seats and air fresheners.

The Misfits

With many of the early graphics drawn by legendary skate artist Pushead, The Misfits and skateboarding have been intertwined for years. In the 1980’s their record label Plan 9 sold boards via mail-order in Thrasher Magazine and the iconic imagery has graced boards form all sorts of skate companies ever since.

The Misfits

The Misfits – 1987 Thrasher ad for Plan 9 records & skateboards

The Chief is no stranger to The Misfits. In fact starting a board company who’s basic premise was to do stuff with a black background with a white skull print probably owes a lot to the Fits. It’s a formula that worked for Pirates and it still works today kids. Skulls + skateboards = $$$

2019 sees the release of The Misfits x Zero series. Good news for all you Ziggers out there is it’s all Glenn era stuff, although Jerry is probably cashing the royalty cheques. Now there’s another portal to hell you don’t want to go down. I’m sure Henry is providing a muscular shoulder for Glenn to cry on. Can’t they all just get along? I’m sure it would be very lucrative.

So here it is fiends, The Misfits x Zero series of decks. Stock is strictly limited, we do have a range of sizes for each model. Perfect as a wall hanger or to have a crack at your next leap of faith.

Zero x The Misfits Fiend Skull Skateboard Deck – 8.0, 8.25 & 8.5″

The Misfits

The Misfits x Zero Business Skateboard Deck – 8.0, 8.25 & 8.5″‘


The Misfits

Zero x Misfits Zero A.D. Skateboard Deck – 8.125 & 8.375″


The Misfits

The Misfits x Zero Legacy Of Brutality 8.25″ Skateboard Deck


The Misfits

Merry Christmas everybody, share the love and put some skulls up on your wall.

DOUBLE TAKE : 2 New Directional Decks : Flip & Pocket Pistols

Flip & Pocket Pistols Flip & Pocket Pistols

Here are a couple of new Directional Decks to hit the shelves. Often refereed to as pool boards or mid school decks, these are great to ride on any terrain. Flip & Pocket Pistols are on top of the game when it comes to putting a good shape together. They have years of experience in the field and you’re going to get something great under foot from both brands.

Flip Lance Mountain Vato Shadow 9″ Skateboard Deck

Back in the 80’s I loved Lance’s Future Primitive inspired Powell Peralta deck. I bought one and it was the worst boards I ever had. The shape and concave was just wrong for me and I ditched it in a day or two of riding it.

Flip & Pocket Pistols

Years later I started riding one of Lance’s more modern shapes produced by his company The Firm and it was one of the best boards I have ever had. Never say never.

This new Flip board is a similar size and shape and I’m sure it will be great to ride. It has a classic Craig R. Stecyk III Vato face graphic giving it heritage authenticity and a nod to the work these two have collaborated on over the years. It also had the front truck holes double drilled so you can fine tune your wheelbase and nose length. The deck has a silk screened graphic on a handcrafted 7ply hard rock maple deck.

Width (inches) 9
Length (inches) 32.5
Wheelbase (inches) 14.5 – 15.25
Construction Maple
Style Vert / Bowl
Colour Green

Pocket Pistols Henderson Lost Gonz Art 9.88″ Skateboard Deck

The concept of a never released deck is like the specials list at your favorite restaurant. If it didn’t make the cut for a permanent place on the menu, is it really worthy? This deck is a throwback to an era you used to love, but you have no gauge on whether or not you loved this deck back in the day. Except in this case. The story of this board is that the graphics were drawn on a Gonz blank from 1989 that Mark and Jeremy collaborated on to be a Shut Skates model.

Flip & Pocket Pistols

This board was never produced until now. With Gonz DNA, you know it’s going to be good. It’s got an interesting process diary element to it with Gonz scribbling, ideas and notes for the final graphic all over both the top and bottom.

This Prime Heritage X Pocket Pistols deck is a Limited Edition, and has been hand made and screened in southern California at the historic Prime Wood Shop. One for the collection for sure!


  • 100% Hard Rock Durolite Canadian Maple
  • 100% Hand Made is USA – Prime Wood Shop
  • Hand Screened Graphics
Width (inches) 9.88
Length (inches) 32
Wheelbase (inches) 14.5
Construction Maple
Style Vert / Bowl
Colour Yellow

Digging on Flip & Pocket Pistols Directional shaped decks? Check out more here from Real, Welcome, Anti Hero, Black Label, Blind & Alva.

Skoa Trucks – The Most Expensivist!

Skoa Trucks

Have you seen the Viceland TV show Most Expensivist? Well when it comes to skateboard trucks, this is it. As a former fitter and machinist I can really appreciate the lengths Skoa Trucks has gone to producing these beauties. When it comes to precision manufacturing, the Germans really know their stuff. And Skoa Trucks really are something special. Continue reading

Globe X Sesame Street series 2 decks

Globe X Sesame Street

Globe skate boards and Sesame Street have once again collaborated. For Christmas 2018 they bring you the new Globe X Sesame Street series 2 decks. We currently have the full range of 8 decks in stock. Just imagine, these would make an amazing art wall display in your kids bedroom! Continue reading

Santa Cruz X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collaboration

Santa Cruz X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

1984 was a great time for the evolution of skateboarding. It was also a great time in the world of comic books and saw an unusual story hit the shelves, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a story so weird kids gravitated to it like moths to a flame. Pretty soon these pizza loving, skateboarding reptiles were loved by kids worldwide and the comic spawned a kids cartoon series and any sort of merchandise you could care to name. Santa Cruz is always on point with cool collaborations and have released the new Santa Cruz X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collaboration. If you have been living under a rock or a sewer manhole cover for the last forty years, here’s a snapshot!

Who are the Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles? Continue reading

Skateparks of the Future – What can Sydney look forward to?


Once starved for good places to skate, Sydney has some pretty exciting new skateparks coming up. I was hoping to share a bit more information and detailed designs with you but as these are still under construction and in planning, here’s what we know. What I can tell you is all three of these are going ahead.

We’ll start with the one closest to home. The new skatepark at Everleigh next to the Carriage works. Continue reading

Sector 9 X Kookslams Nosegrind Cruiser Skateboard

Sector 9 X Kookslams

It’s happened to us all, and the internet absolutely thrives on it when it’s captured on film. There you are casually enjoying rolling around then WHAMMO! A small rock jams your wheel or a drainage grate is missing from a path you always skate and you find yourself writhing on the ground wondering what the hell happened. Kookslams focuses  mainly on the aquatic version of these misadventures and it’s worth following them on Instagram for a laugh. Sector 9 X Kookslams recently collaborated to bring you this awesome 33″ Nosegrind Cruiser Skateboard.

Since the brand’s inception in 1993, one of the most consistent messages Sector 9 has communicated is that we’ve never taken ourselves too seriously,” said Bob Tanner, the company’s Director of Global Marketing. “Having fun, while charging hard, has always been front-of-mind for the 9-Ball Crew, but sooner or later we’re ALL going to end up looking like a kook while surfing or skating – you just need to embrace it!”

“Kookslams brings this same mentality to life on their Instagram account, every single day, and their Creative Director, Derek Hall, thought they’d make a great collaboration partner. Sector 9 commissioned artist Joshua Ariza to create something special for the graphics.

Sector 9 X Kookslams #Nosegrind 33″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Sector 9 X Kookslams

The #Nosegrind 33″ Cruiser is a collaboration between Sector 9 X Kookslams. An epic graphic with inspiration drawn from @kookslams Instagram, dedicated to humans out of their depth. This sweet double kick cruiser is the perfect ride to cruise to uni or work, popping curbs and slashing alleys. It’s perfect ride everything board with smooth soft curb thumpin’ wheels to get you carving and slashing the streets. Gullwing Shadow Trucks complete the undercarriage for ultimate control and grindabiliy.


  • 7-Ply Maple Construction
  • 9.0″ Gullwing Shadow Trucks
  • 61mm 78a Nineball Orange Wheels
  • ABEC 5 Greaseball Precision Bearings
  • 0.25″ Recycled Plastic Risers
  • Black Grip with Sector 9 X Kookslams Printed Logo and Orange Stripe Kick Tail
Length (inches) 33
Width (inches) 9
Wheelbase (inches) 15.5
Construction Maple
Kicker Double Kick
Colour Orange

Check out more cruisers including the Joel Tudor model right here.