Mini Party with Santa Cruz Cruiser Skateboards

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Santa Cruz have come up with the goods again with these two new Santa Cruz Cruiser skateboards. Ready to schralp straight off the shelf, just grab one and go. The folks at NHS have been designing skateboards since the mid 70’s and put together a neat package when it comes to completes.

Santa Cruz Cruiser Skateboards Death Party 80’s 9.35″ Complete

Santa Cruz Cruiser Skateboards Death Party 80's 9.35" Complete

ength (inches) 31.7
Width (inches) 9.35
Wheelbase (inches) 15.25
Construction Maple
Kicker Double Kick
Colour Blue Pink Orange

The Santa Cruz Death Party 80’s Cruiser 9.35″ Skateboard Complete comes with a super rad hyper colour graphic printed on a classic 80’s inspired shape. A fun and compact street cruiser with a smooth and surfy feel. This classic directional shape is your ticket to barrels when the waves are death flat. A great complete board for all skill levels, from beginner to pro. Perfect for dad’s first board this decade to chase the kids around the skatepark!


  • 7-ply Canadian Maple Construction
  • Krux trucks Silver
  •  60mm 78a Orange Slimeball wheels
  • Abec 3 bearings
  • Black Grip
  • 1/4″ Riser Pads

Flame Hand Mini 26″ Complete

Flame Hand Mini 26" Complete

Length (inches) 26
Width (inches) 8.39
Wheelbase (inches) 11.75
Construction Maple
Kicker Double Kick
Colour Black Red Yellow

The Santa Cruz Flame Hand 26″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard is a super sweet complete cruiser board for young grommets to carve and cruise the streets and shred around the skatepark. The old school shape is a throw back to the pool riding days of fat tails and wide shapes. This wider youth size will give first time riders stablilty and control, with a very smooth roll on the streets. The young shredders will destroy everything in their path. It also makes for a great locker rocket to take to work or school. So much more responsive & fun to ride than that skinny plastic nonsense.


  • 7-Ply North American Maple Construction
  • Krux Silver 5.5″ Trucks
  • Slime Ball 54mm 78a Red Wheels
  • Abec 3 bearings
  • Black Griptape

Digging the old school action from Santa Cruz? Click here for a trip down memory lane!

New Santa Cruz Skateboards VX Decks

The folks at NHS, the company that manufacture Santa Cruz Skateboards are no strangers to introducing new deck construction technology. They were an early manufacturer of laminated 7 play decks. In the 1980’s the introduced Air tech foam cores and Black Top composite decks. At the end of that decade they introduced Everslick decks with a special slippery plastic bottom laminate. The 1990’s saw Nu Wood, a molded plastic deck, hit the market. In 2019 it’s time for Santa Cruz Skateboards VX Decks. Continue reading

AntiHero Blind leading the Blinder series


AntiHero Blind leading the Blinder series is here at Basement. The latest series features artwork by none other than Todd Francis. We could bang on about some deep and meaningful message behind these graphics but that would be precious time that could be spent hitting the street or park on one of these killer decks. If it’s raining or your injured here is a bit of action to get you psyched. Otherwise you really don’t have an excuse to be sitting around reading this. Continue reading

Introducing the S1 Lifer Helmet… now at Basement

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When it comes to skateboard helmets there are two groups of people. Those that like the soft foam models and those that prefer a hard foam helmet. Up until now Basement has only offered soft foam helmets. We now stock the S1 Lifer helmet as our hard foam option. Continue reading

What is the best size skateboard wheel?

What is the best size skateboard wheel?

What is the best size skateboard wheel for me to buy?

The answer to that question is whatever size wheel works best for your skateboarding. Now that answer might seem a little wishy washy but don’t worry, we are going to cover everything you need to know right here to help you choose the best size skateboard wheel. Continue reading

Tony Hawk : What has the Birdman been up to?

the Birdman battle commander

It doesn’t seem that long ago we posted the Tony Hawk’s 50th birthday celebration here. Well the Birdman is back at 51… with a full street part! If it wasn’t enough to throw down 50 tricks at 50, Tony has hit the Berrics with a new battle commander part. Continue reading

Spitfire Wheel Shapes explained

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When purchasing some new wheels there are a few things to consider. The three main things are diameter, hardness and shape. We have covered different offerings from wheel manufactures when it comes to the hardness and formula of urethane here and here. When it comes to choosing the size and shape, today we are going to have a look at what Spitfire have to offer. They currently have seven different Spitfire Wheel Shapes available. Continue reading

Spitfire Wheel Formulas explained


Spitfire Wheels first emerged in the late 80’s when rumors that ‘Supercush’ urethane wheels were going to hit the market. Supercush had forged a strong following as they were the stock cushions used in Independent, Thunder & Venture trucks at the time and endorsed by some of the most popular professional skateboarders from that era. With the the same DNA as brands like Thunder and Supercush they were one of the first brands that established Deluxe Distribution in San Fancisco. The Spitfire label lit the market and has been proudly blazing the flag for San Franciscan skateboarding pride ever since. They have die hard followers and are one of the most dominant wheel brands available at every good skate shop. But, have you ever wondered what makes up your wheels and what Spitfire Wheel Formulas are all about? Continue reading

How about a skate trip to Vagues de béton in Pau France?

Vagues de béton Patrice Martin de Barros 

One of the best things about skateboarding is hitting the road and exploring the world. It doesn’t matter what your background or nationality is, if you travel and cross paths with a fellow skateboarder no doubt you’ll have a whole lot in common and will have a blast hitting some of the local spots. If you want to hit France in the next month or two, check out Vagues de béton down in Pau.
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POWELL PERALTA® Wheels explained


Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s Powell Peralta started developing the best skateboard wheels ever offered to skateboarders around the world. This legacy continues today with the company offering several different formulas and options. This will allow you to fine tune your set up for whatever terrain you are riding. Here is all the information you need to select the best POWELL PERALTA® Wheels for your ride. Continue reading

Chocolate Skateboards Shadow Chunk Series Decks

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Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Using the natural beauty of stained wood grain and a simple colour block print can make a very striking skateboard graphic. That’s exactly what Chocolate Skateboards have done with their new Shadow Chunk series of decks. If you are looking for a classy stick with a simple aesthetic, then the Chocolate Shadow Chunk series is perfect. Continue reading

Bones ® Wheel shapes explained

We have had a lot of our customers quizzing us about different wheel shapes and what the difference is. The best thing about buying your wheels from Basement Skate is that we thrive on technical information and we can make choosing your perfect wheel much easier. Look at any of the wheels on our website you will find the following information on all our wheels: Continue reading

Slave Skateboards Positive Thinker & Directional goodness

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It’s been a while since we have had some new $lave boards up on the wall so it’s good to have some freshies. $lave first formed from the creative mind of Ben Horton a few years back under the Black Box umbrella. Ben is one of the creative minds behind brands like Creature and Scarecrow back in the day and an amazing artist with a unique style. Continue reading

Bones® Wheel Formulas Explained

bones wheels logo

Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s Powell Peralta started developing the best skateboard wheels ever offered to skateboarders around the world. This legacy continues today with the company offering several different formulas and options. This will allow you to fine tune your set up for whatever terrain you are riding. Continue reading

Need a new Lapel Pin for your battle jacket?


The Lapel Pin and patches section of our skate cabinet has been getting a real work out in the last few weeks. We just can’t seem to get enough of them! If you grabbed some of these, pop back in and check out the new selection. Don’t forget to check out our in-house pin head Manchild’s insta page here for more pin action from around the skateboarding world.
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OMG it’s John Lucero Madness!

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You may have noticed quite a few post with Black Label decks lately. It’s because we have a new drop and really dig the construction and shapes. So here’s some more. John Lucero is one of the influencers that came before influencers were known as influencers. We shamelessly have no less than six different John Lucero decks on the wall right now.

They date from his earliest Madrid pro model with Madrid which we covered here, right through to his current Black Label shapes which have been a solid addition to the line up for a few years now. The modern rider is available in 2 versions with a nod to his first and second models with Schmitt Stix. Speaking of which check out this little gem that will take 9 minutes out of your life. Continue reading

Girl X Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Series Skateboards

Girl X Hello Kitty

Girl Skateboards are back to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary with this new Girl X Hello Kitty collaboration. The world of skateboard collaborations is a weird and wonderful place. Commercial collaboration was once frowned upon unless you were a rock band down with the scene. In 2019 the skateboard collaboration is multi million dollar business. It’s almost unheard of for an established skate company not to collaborate with a commercial brand outside of skateboarding. Continue reading

Andy Anderson Powell Peralta Flight Heron Decks are here

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At Basement, we love skateboarders that challenge the conventional ideas of skateboarding. Andy Anderson is a skateboarder that has been doing just that. He blurs the lines between transition, freestyle and street skating and boils it all down with the attitude that ‘it’s all just skateboarding’. Continue reading