DOUBLE TAKE : Krooked Directional decks!

Krooked Directional

Brand new Krooked Directional decks have just arrived!

Actually, we have a whole bunch of brand new Krooked stuff just turn up. But you know how I feel about a good directional deck! And when it comes to directional deck shapes, these guys have the history to put out some of the best around. Overseen by the likes of Mark Gonzales and Dan Drehobl you know you are in good hands!

I’ll start with the new Drehobl deck. If you’ve never heard of Cancer Dan before, he is one of the few skateboarders out there worthy of giving the Gonz a few tips on how it’s done. Maybe. Check out this classic clip and I’ll let you decide who is the teacher and who is the student?

Krooked Directional Mystic II Drehobl 9.2″ Skateboard Deck

Krooked Directional

The Mystic II 9.2″ is the new Dane Drehobl Pro Model Deck from Krooked Skateboards. An awesome wide shaped board for destroying any terrain, just like Dan does. It has a nice lay up making it light for it’s size. This is a super versitle board with multiple wheel base options to give you the edge on the street or the big stuff. It comes with a tapered back end with a rounded square tail. A wider front provides full width under your front foot, with a tapered rounded square nose.

Width (inches) 9.2
Length (inches) 31.9
Wheelbase (inches) Variable 14.25 -14.75″
Construction Maple
Style Vert / Bowl
Colour Please Note Veneer Stains May Vary


Krooked Directional Frame Face 9.3″ Skateboard Deck

Krooked Directional Frame Face 9.3" Skateboard Deck

The Krooked Directional Frame Face 9.3″ Skateboard deck is a bigger boy for transition, park and street time! The Krooked flavored year book picture graphic features a character from one of Mark’s 1988 Vision decks. This wider size offers maximum stability and control when your riding fast and hard. It’s shaped with a nice rounded square tail and rounded point nose. With Gonz DNA, you just know this Krokked Directional is going to be a sweet ride.

Width (inches) 9.3
Length (inches) 33
Wheelbase (inches) 15
Construction Maple
Style Vert / Bowl
Colour Please Note Veneer Stains May Vary

Want to hear Dan & Gonz talking crap? Click here. For more Krooked goodness click here.

Santa Cruz Drifter Skate Backpack Duffle Bag

Can I take my skateboard onboard as cabin baggage?

If you are a regular traveler, no doubt you have encountered this question. Depending on where you look for an answer, it can be confusing; take this thread on Trip Advisor for example. Airlines like Qantas often will consider a skateboard as sporting equipment and the answer is no. Other airlines like Virgin are a little more specific, but the answer is still no. So much for making a quick dash with your skate after disembarking! I have even heard of some people having skateboards and skateboard tools confiscated as weapons when going through airport security. So best be prepared to avoid the hassle. Continue reading

Speedlab Wheels – try something different!

Speedlab Wheels

We stock a lot of wheels and it’s surprising how many of them look very similar. What we have found though is many people are searching for different shapes and durometers to the standard ‘go to’ wheels. Basement Skate has always been a destination for riders looking for something specific or different when it comes to skateboard wheels. We really take pride in offering skateboarders one of the most diverse ranges of wheels you will find anywhere. One brand we love that offers something outside the box is Speedlab Wheels.

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Chocolate Skateboards The City Series 2 Decks

Chocolate Skateboards The City

There are artists out there that really define skateboard companies and the images we instantly associate with them. Ed Templeton and Toy Machine, Jim Phillips and Santa Cruz and VCJ and Powell Peralta immediately spring to mind. When I think of Chocolate Skateboards the guy that refined their look is Evan Hecox. He has just completed a new range of decks; The Chocolate Skateboards The City Series 2.
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Double Take: Element x Keith Haring Foundation Decks

Element x Keith Haring

Element x Keith Haring Foundation Decks

If you have never heard of Keith Haring before, he is one artist from the 20th century that certainly left his mark. Keith Haring was a New York artist influenced by early subway art and his mentors included the legendary Andy Warhol. Keith was also an early supporter of many charities over the years. Haring was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988. In 1989, he established the Keith Haring Foundation. Its mandate being to provide funding and imagery to AIDS organizations and children’s programs. Keith expanded the audience for his work through exhibitions, publications and the licensing of his images. Continue reading

The best skateboards for Christmas 2018 – Part One : Mini’s

What are the best skateboards for Christmas 2018?

Part One: Well, we have a huge range of complete skateboards. So each week between now and Christmas 2018 I’ll be presenting a few of options if your looking for a gift for someone or just want to spoil yourself.

Today we’ll have a look at 3 great smaller boards for the grommies out there. Mini’s are great for little kids to start out on or progress once there skills have developed a little. As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t need a mini skateboard for kids to get going. It is good to consider once the tricks start flowing and foot placement is a little more critical. Continue reading

QUICK CLIP : Girl Skateboards Doll Video

Girl Skateboards Doll Video

What did you get up to on Thursday the 18th of October? If you weren’t down here at Basement Skate, you blew it! If you were, then you’ll know we held the Sydney premier for the new Girl Skateboards Doll Video. And it’s a cracker!

Not so much a Quick Clip, but a full length skate video. It premiered over at Thrasher magazine a couple of days later. Here it is in it’s entirety, enjoy!

Girl Skateboards Doll Video

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X Games Sydney – Interview with Aimee Massie

X Games Sydney - Interview with Aimee Massie

Have you caught the interview with Basement Skate team-rider Aimee Massie we did back in September? If not check it out here. Aimee has been pretty flat out since we last spoke and competed in the X Games Sydney. This huge international event was held 9 October to Sunday 21 October at Spotless Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park. Aimee was out there competing with the worlds best female athletes and came in at 10th place.

You can check out Aimee skating in the full video below, her first run kicks in around 06:20. We caught up with Aimee and quizzed here about her X Games Sydney experience. You can see the full final results for X Games Sydney below her interview.

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Orangatang Skiff Orange 62mm 80a Skateboard Wheels


When worlds collide! I find the segregation of different types of skateboarding odd. But they exist. Some companies claim to be street, longboard, vertical or park equipment specific companies. Sure the discipline for each activity is different, but the technology used to make much of the equipment is often the same. You’ll find that some companies drift in between disciplines comfortably while others militantly stick to their niche. Anyway you slice it there are products out there that suit different types of skateboarding even though they claim to be from a particular pigeonhole. Orangatang certainly have their roots in the longboard world, but this wheel is a great all rounder.

Orangatang Skiff Orange 62mm 80a Cruiser Skateboard Wheels


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QUICK CLIP : Lakai Tony Hawk Proto Shoe

Lakai Tony Hawk Proto Shoe

Well, from all the hits we got on this post, we know you love the Birdman. No doubt you may even have a bunch of questions about this awesome new Lakai Tony Hawk Proto Shoe we have in stock. If you do then you can head over here and check out this interview at VHS Magazine from Tokyo. The VHS interview with Tony, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard talks about how Tony got on Lakai and how the Proto model came about. Tony also talks about how Mike and Rick first came onto his radar and some of the history that culminated in this awesome project.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a new video produced by Tyler Pacheco. The video features Tyler and Tony skating around LA with some hilarious commentary.

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New OJ Wheels – Mini Elite, Keyframe & Super Juice Wheels

OJ Wheels   

We have the juice! A fresh crop of New OJ Wheels just hit the shelves. OJ Wheels is a brand that dates way back to the 70’s and have made a strong resurgence. Check out the team in their latest video release and you’ll see why.

Ride their wheels and it will be even clearer. They really know how to squeeze the best out of thier urethane formulas.

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40s & Shorties X Narcos – Get the goods!

40s & Shorties X NARCOS

No doubt you have probably heard of Pablo Escobar. You may have seen the Netflix series Narcos which he inspired. Pablo was a snappy dresser. If you loved his vibe and the 80’s fashion in the show, check out this new 40s & Shorties X NARCOS line that has just arrived.

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Ricta Wheels – New Cloud Soft & Medium Duro Wheels

Ricta Wheels

Yabba dabba dooooo… we just got a whole bunch of new Ricta Wheels in soft to medium durometers. These are kind of rare in the world of modern shaped skateboard wheels. Good news is we have a plethora of choice!

If you’ve never heard of Ricta Wheels, it’s the premium brand out of the NHS camp that bought you legendary Speed Wheels like OJ’s, Slime Balls & Bullets. Ricta Wheels is their more modern company and choice of pro riders including Sydney X-Games 2018 street winner Nyjah Huston. Continue reading

DOUBLE TAKE : Claus Grabke Santa Cruz Decks

Claus Grabke

Santa Cruz have been dishing out some great re-issues of some of their iconic 80’s decks for sometime. To keep things fresh they have modernised some of the molds, shapes and applied the graphics in some cool never released colourways. 2018 see’s a couple of beauties for one of their European team-riders from back in the day Claus Grabke.  Continue reading

DOUBLE TAKE : Specialty Bearing Tools from Bones

  Bearing Tools

Any skateboarder that’s been around a while will tell you that bearings are only as good as how well they are looked after. Most of the bearings you get from a good skate shop are pretty good. But even the best, most expensive ones will slow you down if they are damaged, dirty and not lubed properly. treating those little spinners nice will pay off in spades and keep you moving at maximum speed. And that’s where some purpose built bearing tools are worth their weight in gold.

Bones have a couple of really cool little accessories to help keep you flying. Add em’ to your kit or grab some as a gift for the skateboarder who has everything. Except these. These bearing tools may look like an odd novelty, but the work really well.

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QUICK CLIP : Corey Duffel’s “Homeboy” – Happy Halloween!

Corey Duffel's "Homeboy"

Foundation have been killing it lately. King of the Road, Corey Glick turning pro, the new Souvenir video and of course there is Corey Duffel. Corey put out his Thrasher Not Alone part earlier this year which turned heads when it was released. He has has just released this little treat to put in your basket. And it’s really good. So here it is, Corey Duffel’s “Homeboy” part released just in time for Halloween.

Although there is some huge stuff us mere mortals would never try, a lot of this clip is just Corey out there having fun. Hitting a gap at full speed or threading the needle on a roll out and getting intimate with the concrete the hard way. He does it all with a smile on his face. Traveling the world and skating with your pals is what it’s all about.

Corey Duffel’s “Homeboy” Part – Halloween 2018

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Slime Balls Slime 60mm & 66mm – 78a Cruiser Wheels

  Slime Balls

I remember the first time I saw a set of Slime Balls in the mid 80’s and I thought they were the coolest thing I’d ever seen. They were the original green 97a’s with the single black colour print but still had something mystical about them. A couple of years later Santa Cruz Speed Wheels launched full colour wheel graphics that took the shelf appeal of wheels to a whole new level of cool. Absolutely no extra functionality, but they looked friggin’ awesome compared to everything else on the market. Continue reading

Dickies Work Wear – Now available at Basement Skate

Dickies Work Wear

Over the years tough apparel has become the go to for skateboarders when it comes to choosing threads. You need stuff that can handle sliding around on concrete and put up with all sorts of abuse. While many skate companies produce great trousers; military surplus, op shop bargains & heritage work wear brands are reasonably priced and easily accessible. Brands like Levi’s, Carhartt, Ben Davis, Hard Yakka and King Gee have always been a skateboarding staple.

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DOUBLE TAKE : Steel Skate Tools from Modus & Spitfire

Skate Tools Skate Tool Skate Tools Skate Tool

Steel Skate Tools from Modus & Spitfire. One piece of essential kit every skateboarder is a skate tool. Take it to the park and you will be able to win friends and influence people instantly. There are a tonne of them on the market and they all have slightly different features. There are however a few features they do need to make them functional and these are:

  • 9/16″ AF Socket – For King Pin Nuts
  • 1/2″ AF Socket – For Axle Nuts
  • 3/8″ AF Socket – For Mounting Nuts
  • #2 Phillips drive for Phillips Mounting Bolts
  • 1/8″ AF Hex drive for Allen Mounting Bolts

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Shoo Goo – What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?

Shoo Goo Shoe Goo

Shoe Goo. Ahhh the aircraft & aerospace industry… where would we be without you? Some of the everyday items we take for granted have origins in aerospace. Off the top of my head WD40, RainX, my Swing-Away can opener and of course Space Food Sticks (are these things even still in production) come to mind. All of these things owe their existence to man’s quest for the stars. Or maybe just some slick marketing. Tennis is the other arena that skateboarding owes some credit to for popular skateboard products. Molded timber laminating and shoes designed to go sideways of course. Continue reading