What could be better than two iconic skate companies teaming up to produce some awesome kicks? Toy Machine and Emerica have a relationship that goes way back with Ed Templeton being one of their earliest team riders and still flying the flag. Throw in some newer Toy Machine riders like Leo Romero and Colin Provost and you have something that truly represents the essence of modern skateboarding. Emerica x toy machine Indicator detail 1


The Indicator – first made back in 2012 became an instant classic. The Indicator High has since secured a permanent spot in the Emerica line with no sign of slowing down. Some things really do get better with age.

Emerica x toy machine Indicator detail

To make this release one of the best yet, this classic silhouette has been detailed with Ed’s unmistakable artwork on a custom printed fabric liner, insoles (no expense spared, different internal artwork for each foot), rubber foxing print & tongue tag.

Emerica x toy machine Indicator detail 3

Because you can never cram enough artwork onto one shoe, flip them over and check out the classic Toy Machine Sect Character in full colour sealed under a cool clear durable rubber outsole! Sometimes artist collaborations can go drastically wrong, but Emerica has a knack of giving you plenty, but just the right amount to keep it subtle enough so you don’t feel like some sort of weird flamboyant peacock walking down the street.

Emerica x toy machine Indicator detail 4

To make them go the distance they have been reinforced with a rubber toe cap. The ankle collar is lightly padded to give you some good protection without minimizing movement. It has a classic vulcanized outsole which provides great board feel and is nice and grippy. Emerica have been around for a long time and anything they put out that hits the market is pretty decent.


  • True High Top
  • Rubber Toe Cap
  • Die Cut EVA Insole
  • Vulcanized Construction
  • Oversized Eyelets
  • Triangle Tread Outsole
  • Custom Toy Machine Artwork
  • Canvas
  • Vegan Friendly

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Longboard Wheels – New Pastel Colours!

Blood Orange have just released a new ‘Pastel’ series of Liam Morgan Pro Blood Orange wheels. The white version has been one of the best selling slide wheels on the market and these new variants are a nice edition to the range. They have a unique almost translucent look to them which really compliments the top notch finish Blood Orange are renowned for.

The Liam Morgan Formula (LMF) has a granular feel that reacts to the pavement you are riding, allowing for rider friendly controllable slides with predictable hookups. Whether you are a beginner or a top pro, this formula is perfectly suited for elevating your freeride performance. 

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Cortina Skateboard Bearings

In the early 1980’s my mum had a Ford Cortina station wagon, it was built like a tank and painted a beautiful shade of dark mulberry with a contrasting light tan coloured vinyl interior, which was quite popular at the time. Apparently it was the biggest selling Ford model in the UK for years, maybe due to it’s stylish name derived from a ski village in Northern Italy. It’s also the name of a new skateboard bearing company Cortina Bearings and with vague ties to the likes of FA, Supreme and Hockey there’s some luxury fashion shenanigans going on behind the scenes here that you really shouldn’t question.

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DOUBLE TAKE : How can I sharpen my Griptape?

WHAT? Does griptape even get ‘blunt’? Is there even such thing as a griptape cleaner, and will it work? After all, the grit used is mostly silicone carbide or aluminium oxide, the very stuff used to grind down everything from timber to hardened steel. Surly it can put up with the mere rubber, leather and synthetic materials today’s skateboarding shoes are made from. True.

What happens is griptape does get clogged up. Some of the rubber from your outsole, dust, dirt and other gunk your feet pick up works it’s way into the grit and makes it feel ‘less grippy’.

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DOUBLE TAKE : 2 Mid School decks to ride or hang?

Exactly what is a mid school deck? The answer depends on what you consider old school and what you consider new school. Old school could refer to any decks that evolved from the beginning of skateboarding until the late 1980’s.

Many consider vintage decks to be those older than 30 years, so I guess it’s a good way to start somewhere. By around 1994 the modern ‘popsicle’ shaped deck was well and truly established and here to stay, so I guess mid school decks would be those that came out in the 5 year period in between 1989 and 1994.

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2018 Vans Pool Party – 5th May 2018

For the 14th year running, Vans held their annual Vans Pool Party at the Vans Skate Park in Orange county California on May 5th 2018.

The event is held in the Vans combi pool located at their indoor skatepark at the Outlets at Orange which houses a modern replica of the legendary combi pool which was located in Upland skate park, a Californian skateboarding mecca from 1977 until it was demolished in 1988.

The event brings together some of the worlds best skateboarders to push their boundaries in one of the worlds most popular skateboarding events. Check out the highlights in the video below and scroll down for a full list of results. Continue reading

DOUBLE TAKE: 1980’s OJ II Speedwheels Re-Issue Wheels

Double Take is a new post we will be doing highlighting 2 similar products at a time. I’ll provide specifications so you can make an easy comparison to help fine tune getting exactly the right product you’re looking for. I’m always chasing big diameter, slightly softer wheels so here’s a couple great wheels I’ve been looking at lately.

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3 Great Basic Trucks for Beginners

With the massive variation of different models from every skateboard truck company in 2018, buying what is the most important part of your skateboard can be an onslaught of information and misinformation.

To keep it simple here are 3 of the top selling trucks in their most basic configuration, Independent, Thunder and Venture. They all work and they are all a great place to kick things off. We’ll have a look at some of the more specific features, materials and finishes, variants and other brands in future posts.

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On Sunday April 29th 2018,  Five Dock skate park in Sydney’s inner western suburbs was host to the World Championship park terrain skateboarding competition, the Vans Park Series (VPS).

Keegan Palmer, Jacob Robinson and Bowman Hanson took out the mens division while Poppy Star Olsen, Sabre Norris and Charlotte Heath secured the top 3 spots in the womens division. Winners from each division will be competing in the series VPS World Championships in China this October.

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