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Best Skateboards for Beginners 2019

What is the best skateboard for beginners? If you’re just starting out yourself or buying a your kid their first skateboard, this is a very good question. But it is a question you are very likely to get a different answer from everyone you ask and every shop or website you visit. You probably know what and where you want to skate. This makes things easy to get a new whip to suit.

The good news is that Basement Skate is the perfect place to come and get the right information and get the perfect ride under your feet from the get go. We have an instore crew of skateboarding Ladies and men, old and young with years of experience in all aspects of skateboarding.

From modern street and park riding, bowl skating, downhill racing, slalom, free ride longboarding and just casually transporting to school or work, we have it covered. We all started somewhere and we are are only too happy to share our experience to make it easy for you to get going and not make any rookie mistakes.

So where do you start?

Having an idea where you want to skate is the best place. If you are hitting the streets, want to learn some tricks and maybe hit the local ramp or park a ‘regular double kick’ board is a good place to start. Transporting from A to B then a cruiser or longboard is a great option. If you are taller than 130cm any regular deck between 7.50 and 8.50″ wide is a good place to start, and you’ll get used to whatever is under your feet pretty quickly.

The good news is that these days there is a huge range of complete skateboards you can buy straight off the shelf ready to roll. So really all it takes is a little advice from your local skate shop, standing on a few and running with whatever you feel most comfortable with under your feet. Next, grab the brand or graphic you like best. Simple. Even better news is you’ll walk out with a great set up that rides nice and have plenty change in your pocket from $200 to buy yourself a fancy lunch.

If you know exactly what you want we can also build a custom board to your exact specifications (in fact, this is our favourite way of getting a board to you, we love getting creative and customising set ups). Just pick out your favourite brand, model and components and leave the rest to us.

When it comes to groms (enthusiastic little kids just starting out) a lot of people buying boards for their kids ask us if they should start out with a mini sized deck. Not necessarily. When you start out the first thing you need to learn is pushing, turning and carving. As little groms are lightweights, if they are on a narrow board it can be difficult to get enough leverage on the trucks to learn to turn effectively. So from that perspective starting out on wider board can be a good thing.

Once this is mastered the next thing is learning to kick turn on transitions and banks, once again board size isn’t critical here. Once they start learning tricks like how to ollie and kickflip… BINGO! That’s where the need for a smaller ‘rider sized’ deck comes into play.

The position of your feet is very important too, mini decks are narrower, shorter and have a much smaller wheel base (the distance between the 2 truck axles). If you learned to ollie on a regular board then have tried it on a longboard you will know what I mean. So, for kids the initial size of the board isn’t super critical, but when they progress to learning tricks it’s something to consider.

With older riders, sometimes a wider deck is also a great place to start. Whatever you get you will get used to quickly if you spend time on board. You might change what size board you ride as your tricks and ability evolve. The best advice we can give is to try a few different boards out with your friends or at a skate school and most important of all, keep practicing and skateboarding everyday.

If you are in the market for a mini complete skateboard for the little rippers out there, here are two great options you can grab right now.

Want to get rolling? Here is our top 10 most popular skateboards for 2018.

Top 10 Skateboards for Beginners in 2019

1. Enjoi

Enjoi Skate Boards

The Enjoi Negative Space 8" Complete Skateboard comes ready to roll straight out of the box with full Panda logo graphic. Nothing is more noticeable in the skate park than the classic Panda graphic and now you can fly the enjoi flag with the Negative Space Complete. A premium skateboard complete with 5.25" Tensor trucks, Enjoi 52mm 92a wheels, and Abec7 bearings. Perfect for any type of street skating from ledges and rails to smaller transition and ramps. Check out ours range of Enjoi Decks & Completes.

2. Anti Hero

Anti-Hero Skateboards

The Face 7.75" from Anti-Hero is perfect for all street skaters. Great for grinding rails but big enough to get above the coping in the skate park. Made with the Anti-hero's signature, a board that’s light and tight for landing kick flips, ollies and grinding up on ledges and rails. A perfect ready built setup for any first time rider ready to start learning many different styles of street and park skating, this size will be the perfect one to build your skills. Check out ours range of Anti-Hero Completes & Decks.

3. Toy Machine

Toy Machine Skateboards

Premium Toy Machine complete skateboard ready built and ready to grind. Comes with 5.25" Ruckus trucks, 52mm 99a Toy Machine wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. Toy Machine Skateboards – Created by Ed Templeton in the early 90’s Toy Machine have been brainwashing loyal pawns worldwide ever since. They always have a solid team that punches well above it’s weight and is pure skateboarding at it’s finest. Check out the full range of Toy Machine Completes and Deck

4. Almost

Almost Skateboards

The Dark Knight 8" R7 Premium Complete Skateboard is a high quality complete set up, ready to hit the skate park! Almost deck construction is top level, using single press deck. Most companies press 5 decks at a time leaving slight variation is each shape and feel. Almost skateboards presses each deck singularly in the mold so you can count on the exact perfect concave and feel exactly as it was meant to be. Almost uses only epoxy-based resins so each ply creates a stronger bond for the same weight. This means you get a rock solid board that will give you more pop and last a lot longer. The 8" size is perfect for the full size skater’s just starting out or regular street skaters who want a tight setup to shred at the park. Check out the full range of Almost Completes and Deck.

5. Real

Real Skateboards

The Real New Light Complete is the perfect skateboard for bigger kids or pure street skaters and comes ready to skate with Anchor trucks and Real 52mm wheels with smooth rolling bearings. Perfect starter skateboard for both street and park skating - ready built and ready to grind. The Real New Light skateboard deck is made from 100% hardrock maple and is fully built and ready to skate straight out of the box. Don't waste time looking for parts, this board is perfectly built by the guys at REAL Skateboards to save you the hassle. Check out our range of Real Completes and Deck.

6. Element

Element Skateboards

The Element Yang 7.875" Skateboard Complete comes ready to hit the skate park to get your grind on. An ideal choice for your first board to get you riding all round the street and park. The 95a wheels will give you a smoother roll over rough terrain and will give you more room for error when learning tricks at the skatepark. The Element Yang  comes with a colourful James Bond graphic that will kill any trick you can throw at it in the skatepark or on the street.  Check out the full range of Element Completes and Decks.

7. Globe

Globe Skateboards

The Globe Concrete Dreams Breeze 7.625" Complete Skateboard is the perfect junior skateboard and comes ready to skate with Tensor trucks and Globe 52mm 99a wheels with smooth rolling bearings. Perfect starter skateboard for both street and park skating for the young ones- ready built and ready to grind. This deck is made from 100% hardrock maple and is fully built and ready to skate straight out of the box. Check out the full range of Globe Completes and Decks.

8. Blind

Blind Skateboards

The Blind Late Night Youth 7.375 Skateboard Complete is a great looking complete setup for the really young riders. A 7.375 sized deck, narrow size for all the young core street skaters and any first time riders who are in between 9-13 years old. Lighter and quick on the flip, not too long or wide to really feel the board and make use of the concave. A nice 12.75" wheelbase to release trick after trick with not impediment, perfect for rapid progression in young riders keen to explore many styles of skateboarding without struggling with oversized boards. Check out the full range of Blind Completes and Deck.

9. Prism


The Mulga Series artwork is from Sydney based artist 'Mulga' aka Joel Moore. He has gained international recognition for his unique and colourful cartoon style artwork that has brought smiles to so many faces! The Grit 27 Cruiser Skateboard Complete is a super fun mini single cruiser that will save you from walking to your school, class, the pub etc. A super functional mini cruiser assembled with the best components of the marker. Small but wide in enough to feel super easy to ride and control. A perfect commuter that can easily be be transported any where but made it to be functional and easy to ride. With a Bamboo ply on top of maple and mellow comfortable concave to lock your feet in the right position, treat your self and get a real cruiser. Check out the full range of Prism Completes.

10. Sector Nine

Sector 9 Skateboards

The Sector 9 Strand 34" Cruiser Complete Skateboard  is a sweet single kick cruiser skateboard that rolls like a longboard and slashes the streets and alleys like a high performance thruster surfboard. A stable length for bombing hills with a short enough wheel base to carve hard and get rad slashing banks with the sharp turning radius. You'll be getting pitted all over the city on with surfing inspired street weapon from Sector 9. You get a full sized functional kick tail to get you popping and sliding when your cruising to work or checking the surf. A super fun street cruiser coming with a perfect left hand barrel graphic by artist Erik Abel. Check out the full range of Sector 9 Completes.