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Best Skateboard Trucks 2019

With the massive variation of different models from every skateboard truck company in 2019, buying what is the most important part of your skateboard can be an onslaught of information and misinformation.

To keep it simple here are 10 of the top selling trucks at Basement Skate. The list includes Independent, Thunder, Venture, Theeve, Destructo, Tensor, Ace, Caliber, Paris and Gullwing. If you stick with these brands you will be on the right track… or should I say truck?


They all work and they are all established brands that make a very good quality and functional trucks. We'll have a look at some of the more specific features, materials and finishes, variants and other brands in future posts.


Best Skateboard Trucks

What materials are the best trucks are made from?

All of the trucks we stock are manufactured with high quality aircraft grade T6 aluminium alloy, high tensile SAE 4130 Chromoly alloy steel axles, titanium components and high rebound formula stock bushings and pivot cups. Often cheaper trucks don’t look different to quality ones and it really comes down to the types of metals and urethanes they use in the components.

Cheaper trucks are made from low grade cheap die cast materials. This can be polished to look nice, but you know what they say – you can put make up on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Cheap plasticky feeling bushings and pivots are horrible to ride on and will split and wear down very quickly.

As trucks are really are workhorse of any set up the best advice is to get a great set to start out with. If you buy cheaper trucks you will be spending money on new cushions and pivots shortly after buying them just to try to get them turning nicely. If they break or wear down quickly due to inferior materials you will have to replace them. Buy cheap, buy twice.

What Size Trucks should I buy?

All the trucks we stock come in a wide variety of sizes to suit all skateboard decks, whilst there are no hard and fast rules about what size truck to ride with what size deck, as general rule the axle width should be the same size as your deck width. You will find a guide to what size to grab on each truck on our site, I have also provided some handy links under the list below.

Can I fine tune my Trucks after buying them?

Absolutely. We carry a full range of cushions, pivot, replacement nuts, king pins, washers and other components to get your trucks performing exactly how you like them. All our trucks come with high quality stock components so you can bolt them one and ride away.

The most common truck tune up we do is replacing the cushions to customise the way your trucks ride and feel. Depending on how you like to ride your trucks, loose or tight, we have the right cushions to ensure your trucks are not over tensioned, will last a long time and feel perfect for your style of skateboarding.

At Basement Skate we also carry a great range of skateboard tools so you can work on you trucks at home, at the park or on the streets. We have a knowledgeable staff that can show you exactly what to do as well.

The Top 10 Skateboard Trucks for 2018

1. Thunder - Thunder Skateboard trucks are designed for a solid and smooth ride. Whether you're skating through the streets, ripping your local skate park ramps, or grinding through the back section of the kidney bowl, we have the right trucks for you!

Venture Skateboard Trucks

2. Venture – Born and bred on the streets of San Francisco. Venture Trucks are always on the grind.

Independent Skateboard Trucks

3. Independent - The Independent Truck Company is a skateboard accessory company specializing in skateboard trucks.  Manufactured in San Francisco and based out of Santa Cruz, USA. Independent was established in 1978, and has been setting the industry standard for 39 years, known for quality and all round performance with a precise turning geometry. The Independent team rider list reads more like the skateboarding hall of fame, boasting a team of over 250 of the biggest names in the skateboarding industry like Steve Olson, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Bucky Lasek, Justin Figueroa, Ryan Sheckler and Leo Romero to name just a few.

Theeve Truck Co

4. Theeve - Theeve set out to design the strongest, lightest and best skating truck to date. The progression of skateboarding into big technical tricks has started to demand more from trucks than ever before. Titanium was the obvious choice when it came to taking trucks to the next level.

Destructo Skateboard Trucks

5. Destructo - Destructo skateboard trucks super strong. Super light fully balanced skateboard trucks.

Tensor Skate Trucks

6. TensorTensor Trucks were Founded by Rodney Mullen in 2000, Tensor specialize is making super high quality ultra-light trucks. Tensor Magnesium trucks are 11% lighter than the industry standard. Daewon says, "Magnesium’s grind anything! And shinners hurt less cuz their light!" Tensor trucks are designed with technical flips tricks, grinding and flat land riding in mind. The more restrictive turn helps you set your feet when you’re about to pop a trick, and when you’re landing. 

Ace Skate Trucks

7. Ace - Ace Trucks utilize a slightly rockered hanger for a stronger truck where it matters, on the grind. A simple slim design with a low kingpin for less hang-ups. Straight up no nonsense skate trucks.

Caliber Trucks

8. Caliber - Caliber Truck Co is relatively new to the big world of skate but is now a household word in any longboarders head. Caliber are not into hype and over teched out skate trucks. They just make gear that works for what you want it for. Nice and simple no gimmicks. Team riders to name a few are James Kelly - Liam Morgan - Brandon Tissen and Tyler towley Howell. 

Paris Truck Co

9. Paris - Paris Trucks are one of the most popular longboard truck brands in the world. Recently they started designing skateboard trucks for tech sliders and vert boards. From the east coast of the US these trucks will feel super responsive and turny, which is what all free-riders and longboarders want.

Gullwing Trucks

10. Gullwing - A brand that has over 35 years, producing great trucks for the longboard and skateboard community and they have no plans of slowing down. Whether you rode their trucks as a kid or you just bought your first set, you can always count on Gullwing Trucks being innovative, progressive, and offering a great performance. The Gullwing Army is out there and ready to make you a believer.