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Best Skateboard Brands 2019

When it comes to skateboarding, it would be almost impossible to compile a complete list of all the skateboard brands in the world. Every country, state and town these days has a local label. Basement Skate has been running for over 10 years now and we carry a one of the largest ranges of brands from local suppliers and skate companies around the world.

What we can tell you is that everything we carry offers something unique and is great quality. We simply don’t have time to muck around with b-grade products, and neither should you.

The best new and established brands offer quality equipment that is functional and in demand by skateboarder’s world wide. With established brands years of research, development, testing and working closely with manufacturers and factories has gone into producing great products. We only stock products from new companies that ensure their products are top notch and are produced by real skateboarders with a good reputation in the industry.

Based on our own sales and feedback from the skateboard community worldwide, here are our top 10 skateboard brands and companies.

The Top 10 Skateboard Brands of 2019

1. Real Skateboards

Real Skateboards

Started by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud in 1991 Real is a solid skater owned and operated company. They have a killer team respected by skateboarders world wide. Real skateboards offer 5 deck construction variations some you can get the perfect feel for your style of riding. With Heavy Weight Construstion, made with thicker X bands for Epic Strength. Full shapes, designed with the full deck width taken into the kicks for a better flick and more stabillity and purchase. Low Pro II with slight nose and tail rocker for a lower centre and quicker pop. R1 Construction with  Real Full range of Real here.

Toy Machine


Powell Peralta / Bones

Sector Nine

Santa Cruz

Pig Wheels