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Best Skate Shoes 2019

What shoes are the best for skateboarding?

First we need to know exactly what make a skateboard shoe different from any other footwear. When it comes to all sports shoes they are only made to serve two purposes. One is going forward and the other is going sideways. That may seem like a very strange and simple explanation, but let me explain.

With track and field events like running, your shoes are only required to go forward. It is very unlikely that you will be in a situation where your feet will be sliding sideways. This means that shoes for these sports, shoes only need to be manufactured to do just that, go forward.

Other sports like tennis and basketball involve a lot of forward & sideways movement. Not only are you running, but you also are stopping quickly, side stepping and dragging your feet every which way. Shoes for these sports need to manufactures to withstand that sort of movement.

The History of Skateboard shoes.

When it comes to skate shoes, historically, skateboard have been all based on tennis and basketball shoes. Check your history and look at old photographs of pro skateboarders from the 1970’s and 80’s and you see many of them wearing basketball and tennis shoes.

Mainly because good skateboard specific shoes were hard to come by or really didn’t even exist. Skateboarders gravitated towards the vulcanized styles by brands like Keds and Converse because of their grippy soles and durability.

The shoes skateboarders adapted from other sports did have their short comings though. The materials and canvas panel designs often wore out quickly, but skateboarders are a fairly inventive bunch and they made ways of making them last. All types of glues, goo’s, tapes, patches and replacement panels solutions were created in bedrooms and garages to make them last and save a few bucks that could be used to buy decks, wheels and other components.

It would be hard to pinpoint what the first skateboard specific shoes became available. Brands like Makaha had some out in the late 60’s and Vans modified boat and tennis shoes for skateboarding in the late 1970’s with the help of Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. During the 1980’s a lot of skateboard specific brands and models hit the market from companies like Vans, Airwalk and Vision Street Wear. Skateboarding in the late 80’s was so popular even traditional sports shoe brands like Reebok had a crack at the skateboard market.

So, what is it that makes a good skateboard shoe?

The main thing that makes a Skateboard Shoe good for skateboarding and different from other sports shoes is durability. They need to be very comfortable and functional too. If you were to sit there with a piece of sand paper rubbing a couple of spots on your shoes for 2 or 3 hours a day, this would be pretty close to the treatment a skateboard she endures.

These days there are no shortage of skateboard shoes on the market. The way you skate and the parts of your shoes you wear out can be easily addressed. The materials, construction and design of modern skateboard footwear is amazing. So much so that they have become popular fashion and casual footwear fro non skateboarders.

There are features to prevent wear on the side from ollies and other tricks, durable toe and heel bumpers, special loops and hidden lace systems to protect shoe laces and even secret pockets to hide you bus money in so it doesn’t get lost. Need some new kicks? Then check out our list of the top 10 skateboard shoes for 2018 below.

1. Vans Half Cab

Vans Half Cab

The Pro skate shoe before they had Pro skate shoes. The Vans Half Cab skate shoes or "Style 33" was Steve Caballero's second signature shoe, these ones come in a classic Winter Moss and Black. The Half Cab is an iconic skate shoe originally released by Vans in 1991, Vans re-released of the Half cab comes as a reaction to all those who took his original full cab and cut them down. With a durable suede canvas upper, vans signature waffle outsole, and an upgraded Ultracush HD footbed for epic comfort. The Half Cab has become one of the most legendary skate shoes of all time, worn by an entire generation of pro riders who redefined street skating. Grab yourself some of these or our other great Vans Shoes right here.

2. Emerica

Emerica Footwear and Toy Machine Skateboards present their team rider Colin Provost's Pro Shoe Collaboration. Ed Templeton has giving his touch of brilliance to the Provost Slim Vulc kicks. They come with custom Toy Machine Insoles and sweet purple outer soles with a Toy Machine graphic around the heel foxing.  Slimmed down with a one-piece toecap and a padded tongue and collar. Traditional vulcanized construction with Triangle Tread on the bottom to provide maximum feel and grip. You won't be disappointed! Grab yourself some of these or our other great Emerica Shoes right here.

3. Diamond

Introducing the new Diamond Footwear Spring Collection, The Black Avenue come with a special and asymmetrical design that pulls the shoelaces out of harm's way or danger from getting ruined by the griptape, giving these Avenue more durability with less areas for potential failure.

The Avenue offers a unique take on a modern classic, seamlessly blending a minimalist aesthetic with superb functionality. The uppers feature a suede and canvas combo, long side a sublimated nylon ripstop, all while the asymmetrical design gives the shoe not only a look of its own but also increases the life span of the laces. A sticky gum rubber outsole offers exceptional grip and board feel. Grab yourself some of these or our other great Diamond Shoes right here.

4. Huf

Huf's Soto White Black Perforated skate shoes are high performance leather skate shoes with the style and comfort that the industry demands. The perforated side paneling offers your foot fresh ventilation, while the single piece vamp toe panel gives the shoes out standing durability. The performance-engineered Cup sole makes your sole rock solid and the infinity rubber is designed to out-last the competition. A crispy looking, highly skate-able shoe! Grab yourself some of these or our other great Huf Shoes right here.

5. New Balance

The New Balance Numeric 420 Black White Skate Shoes are Marquise Henry's pro model kicks. Based on the classic NB running shoe style, the 420's are super light, ultra flexible and breathable. The Durable, well-cushioned Cup sole provides epic impact protection combined with the REVlite EVA Midsole offering a super lightweight high impact foot bed. The Mesh tongue and mesh detail will help your feet regulate the heat when your shredding long sessions at the skate park. An epic shoe to destroy your stair sets by day and hit the town to cut some rug by night. Comes with your very own stash pocket in the tongue, so you won't have any problems with security. Grab yourself some of these or our other great New Balance Shoes right here.

6. Etnies

These Etnies Marana Vulc Charcoal Willow are some slim durable techy Skate Shoes. The Marana Vulc is a slimmer version of the instant classic Marana that is built on a vulcanized outsole. The rubber printed toecap offers durability and the STI Evolution Foam insole provides excellent rebound and cushioning without packing out. The mesh tongue and collar lining provide breathability while the reinforced upper provides support. Grab yourself some of these or our other great Etnies Shoes right here.

7. Vans X Independent Slip-On Pro

When two iconic skate companies collide the result is the Vans X Independent Slip-On Pro Black White Skate Shoes. A new and improved Slip-On with an updated ollie panel for epic longevity and flick. Comes with Independent Logos on the heel foxing and Independent screened on lettering on the heel panel. A Suede Canvas upper with the classic Vans Waffle Vulc sole and UltraCush HD Foot bed for that timeless Vans board feel and grip, with the Independent Logo Checker Print insole. These Slip-On's will last the distance with DURACAP upper reinforcement in high wear areas. Grab yourself some of these or our other great Vans Shoes right here.

8. Lakai

The Lakai Bristol Burgundy Suede Skate Shoes is at the moment, Lakai's most advanced vulcanized style to date with priorities on performance and comfort. They designed an entirely new fit to improve foot support, and reduce fatigue.  The upper consists of seamless suede in high-wear areas, breathable mesh, and wide gauge perforation in tongue for maximum breathability.

Introducing Lakai’s PARA-MOUNT outsole technology which utilizes dual density rubber that provides extra cushioning to absorb high impact. The soles Hex-Tread Design provides 360 degree flexibility for increased board feel and maximum grip. For extra comfort the Bristol features our new DELUX-LITE premium foam sock liner designed with a deep contoured heel and increased arch support. Grab yourself some of these or our other great Lakai Shoes right here.

9. eS’

These Accel SQ Black Grey Skate Shoes are a comfortable and famous design from éS Footwear. This time in a full Black and Grey.

Inspired by one of the most requested éS shoes, the Square 2, the Accel SQ rings classic éS design on a vulcanized outsole. Grab yourself some of these or our other great éS Shoes right here.

10. Huf Hupper 2 Hi 

The Huf Hupper 2 Hi Black White Skate Shoes are classic canvas upper with suede panels on the toe, heel and skirting the foxing tape. Designed for maximum comfort and board feel while maintaining the classic Chuck silhouette. Ultra Durable Infinity Gum sole to save you from sock holes, and solid insole for impact resistance and great board feel. Double layered Toe vamp for extra support in the right places. A great breathable shoe for long hard sessions! Grab yourself some of these or our other great Huf Shoes right here.