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Bear Grizzly 852 Gen 5 Purple 181mm Longboard Trucks

Bear Grizzly 852 Gen 5 Purple 181mm Longboard Trucks
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Type Longboard
Width (mm) 181
Suit Deck Width
Construction Cast Aluminium
Colour Red

With new features and improvements and a snazzy new color, the Bear Grizzly 852 Gen 5 Purple Longboarding trucks will give you the most optimal combination of lean, rebound and response for a wide range of longboarding styles.

The 5th gen truck is better than ever with a stronger heat treated axle, a revised and less restrictive bushing seat plus a laser engraved logo. The baseplate features an 8 hole mounting system allowing you to adjust wheelbase by an inch. By removing unnecessary material, the boys at Bear Trucks have also managed to reduce baseplate weight. The Bear 852 comes with a softer style double barrel bushing setup. Avoid wheel bite on drop-through setups with a baseplate pivot point that tends to sit a bit further forward than most other reverse kingpin trucks, meaning you will be getting a slightly longer wheelbase out of the same bolt pattern.

This is a longboard truck that is great for hard and fast freeriding, stable at high speeds but divey if you wanted to go sideways. You can easily change the baseplate angle by 5 degrees from flipping the hanger, this will take your truck from a nice carving surfy feeling at 52 degrees to a 47 degree downhill drag racing beast

Specialized Casting Formula - Completely new metal formula, the most reliable aluminum alloy on the market. The alloy has been specifically mixed for our trucks and not pulled from some generic melted down block. Each batch is pre tested and approved at our factory before shipping out. In the years of making trucks we’ve been able to try countless variations of compounds and alloys. In the end we’ve settled on virgin 8356 aluminum for all of our castings. We ensure that our sources are free from impurities and provide the best mix of strength, durability and performance in a skateboard truck.

Widened rear baseplate legs - Added thickness to eliminate any possible baseplate warping and to help withstand any heavy impact.

Effective bushing Seat - Fully-wrapped leaning system with bushing base lock-in. This allows you to get extra lean and no turning restrictions. It is compatible with most bushings out there.

Faced Hangers- Bear was one of the very first in the industry to provide machine-faced hangers on all of our products. With the hanger face and axle being perfectly perpendicular your bearings will sit entirely straight within the wheels. This results in a smoother, more precise alignment and reduced stress on the bearings. It’s no wonder so many manufacturers are following in our footsteps.