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Arbor Bogart Fusion 61mm 78a Blue Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

Arbor Bogart Fusion 61mm 78a Blue Cruiser Skateboard Wheels
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Type Cruiser
Diameter (mm) 61
Duro (a) 78
Contact Patch (mm) 36
Lip Profile Round
Surface Smooth
Bearing Core Offset
Colour Blue

From the new Eco-friendly Sucrose Initiative comes this Cruiser wheel by Arbor, Ocean Blue 61mm Bogart with a new formula for small boards like cruiser or double kicks or if wanted to slide and freeride on longboards. A wheel for any setup.

Made from a sucrose based formula that gives a smoother more controllable slide effect. The Ghost white bogarts use less oil than a prius but perform like a NASCAR. A wider core improves the long-term wear patterns of the wheel by giving the outer lips more support as you drop thane lines all over the road. As a wheel to cruise around on they look the goods, are smooth and give you the right amount of grip while the sugar formula gives a great slide all while saving the planet from those baddies IS or ISIL in the middle east. No 300 million year old oil wells were dug up in the making of these wheels.

The Bogart features a generally wider footprint than most mini wheels, making it roll smother on rough surfaces, the green is gonna leave some nice and tasty chalky thane lines on the road while still providing freeride performance for your ride

The Sucrose Initiative was developed to bring together rider based design, performance across a wide range of conditions, and an effort to start reducing our reliance on petroleum based materials.

SUGAR FORMULA Arbor’s new Fusion Sugar Formula significantly improves performance and creates one of the longest-lasting wheels on the market. The natural component also reduces, in a small but important way, the petroleum footprint of our wheels. This lessens the environmental impact of urethane left on the roads when skating, especially during slides.

GROOVETUBE CORES Arbor’s new Groovetube core has a wider, “tube” profile that allows the wheel to hold its shape, deliver improved contact with the road, and perform at speed through slides, in corners, and even during landings.