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Almost Jim Lee Batman 8" Complete Skateboard

Almost Jim Lee Batman 8" Complete Skateboard
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Width (inches) 8
Length (inches) 31.5
Wheelbase (inches) 14
Construction Maple
Style Street/Park

The Almost Jim Lee Batman 8" is a premium Skateboard Complete comes from a collaboration with artist Jim Lee with a new take on the classic Almost superhero Batman in a all-round adult size. Massive superhero size tricks are now possible!

The deck construction on this Almost complete is top level using a single press deck.Most companies press 5 decks at a time leaving slight variation is each shape and feel. Almost skateboards presses each deck singularly in the mold so you can count on the exact perfect concave and feel exactly as it was meant to be. Almost uses only epoxy based resins so each ply creates a stronger bond for the same weight. This means you get a rock solid board that will give you more pop and last a lot longer.

The 8" size is perfect for the full size skater just starting out or regular street skaters who want a tight setup for kick flips and ollies

The Batman 8" Complete Skateboard comes complete and ready to skate straight out of the box. Save yourself the hassle of matching up all the parts and let the guys at Almost build the perfect board just for you. Not only will this save you money but you will get the right ride with everything lining up perfectly

This skateboard comes complete with premium parts like:

  • Slant T5 Black 5.25" Aluminum S Tucks w Hollow Kingpins
  • With Almost 52mm Wheels
  • Abec-7 Bearings