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Aera Trucks Inc. is a skater operated company based in Vancouver, British Columbia the place where longboards rule with an iron fist. Aera Trucks is here to ply the world with downhill turning solutions from the mind of the mad Kevin “K-Rimes” Reimer.

The company was started after years of experimentation with all brands and types of trucks and never finding one that was “quite right”. Whether it was something simple like an inaccurate axle, a geometry more prone to high speed wobbles, simply not turning the right way or something like the quality of the manufacturing. With every new truck that was tried, a new problem was found, and those points were taken into account. Now, those points have been tallied and the result is out: Aera Trucks are now the more sought after precision trucks for all the worlds top downhill racers.


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Aera K4 Precision CNC Longboard Trucks 46 degrees 186mm Gold Anodized