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Abec 11 is a American based wheel company that has been making specialist premium urethane longboard and skateboard wheels for well over a decade now and are still one of the guys leading the way in wheel hub and urethane technology. The guy who started Abec11 is Chris Chaput is a legend of the sport who has had wheels under his feet since the 70s. You will find that Chris is a bit of a nutter when it comes to wheels with some extreme experimentation not to find what sells but what is possible in urethane and hub technology - I mean just have a look at his electric flywheels as an example of that. Chris Chaput and Abec11 have always stuck to a few very important guiding principles, Super high quality wheels always made in America. No cheap imports that crack and split, no corners cut, just a continuing evolution of higher quality skateboard and longboard wheels, one after the other. 

If your after wheels for sliding, freeride, or downhill racing, than Abec11 has you covered. 


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Abec 11 Polka Dots 64mm 80a Skateboard Wheels